The Watchtower's Real Crisis

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  • konceptual99

    Ahaa - gotcha waton

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Up until the early 2000's at least, (according to accounts published around that time) the org was raking in far more money in donations than its needed running costs. It was a lucrative money-making machine.

    Why would the mandarins within the WTBTS issue the orders to dismantle their money-making machine? No one can provide recent financial statements to show the org wasn't still receiving excessive contributions.

    Or is it the case that they were ordered to do so, by Wall Street creditors?

    Virtually every single "new adjustment" emanating from Brooklyn/Warwick in recent years has been money-driven. Either to save it or to get it.

  • _Morpheus

    @onager- i would have to let slim comment on his current definition of collapse in order to truly know but that definition has been malleable over a few threads recently, along with his time frame for collapse.

    There is virtually zero evidance to sugguest they have problems. They just spent millions on a brand spanking new hq after making billions in real estate sales. The cut backs are just smart biz . Why waste money and man power printing in a digital age? Cut all that crap out and go digital/tv. Welcome to the 2000’s, wt.

    slim (and many others) hope for the wt to change in ways THEY want and so see any change as a chink in the cults armour. It remains pipe dreams and school boy fantasies. Its always been a cult and wont change fundamental a thing to make it less culty, only more so. We have plenty of evidence of that over the last ten years.

    So whatever slims current definition of collapse and his current time frame (minutes i assume), his premise is forced fundamental change in cultyness, something i predict will never ever happen.

  • redvip2000

    Religions don't need new ideas, they just need new people. For every new Jdrone that gets baptized, those old ideas are new to them. They weren't around 30 years before to know the ideas are old.

    The downfall of the Org will come when new membership starts drying up, and it is already. Yes they will massage the numbers and keep lowering the standards for reporting, as to keep the numbers somewhat afloat, but that only delays the inevitable.

    Young people people don't give a shiiite about religion and certainly not about a controlling religion like the Org. Once the generation of folks 60 - 80 are gone, it will be obvious. And when the generation of now 35 - 60 die out, the Org will be in sharp decline.

  • sparrowdown

    Is it at all possible both scenarios are true - to a degree.

    Maybe yes maybe no.

    A winding down of the WTBTS we all knew, a purposeful culling of most KHs, maybe keep one day conventions once a year so there is real world association, if conventions are profitable enough that is and a new JWdotborg broadcasting where we are ready to accept your donation - now!

  • steve2

    Less than 100 years ago, Christadelphians had a very active outreach. They were known for street witnessing and thrusting tracts in passerby hands whether wanted or not. They had attention-seeking titles to their public talks, usually banging on about the end.

    Nowadays, Christadephians still meet in their little halls and still have a sign that says what the latest talk is. But that is the extent of their outreach.

    Thriving religious groups don't die quickly. Like the red hot earth upon which their halls are built, their cooling off can take several decades or more. Red hot becomes warm and then cold only over the passage of long stretches of time.

    BTW, check out ex-Christadelphian sites for stories of heartbreak and pain in leaving that religion. Deja vu for ex-JWs, yes?

  • sparrowdown

    GB be like 'All will be revealed in due time my pretties. Patience my pretties, patience.'

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    The GB leadership needs to make a request of the rank and file about their speculations of the end time scenario. Since God isn't inspiring those at the top, to foster new ideas, then maybe some of the pee-ons on the bottom are getting the download. Have these letters sent in just like the letter writing campaign to the Russian government.

    The originality would be limited because the meeting curriculum seeks to make clones of the writing department. It's just a school that wants you to answer what the text book says. The text book is not the bible, its the supplemental publications.

    They need a think tank. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Finkelstein

    Correct answer = legitimacy

    The WTS has been bullshiting and hyping up Armageddon for so long now their contrite bullshit is starting to simply wear out, perhaps revealing that it was originally endeavored to sell literature.

  • Crazyguy

    This religion would just slowly dry up and blow away except one major elephant in the room, child abuse litigation. The coming lawsuits is what's going to push this cult down hill even faster then a slow death. It will still be years but one or two bid wins that show the lawyers that it can be done and it's all over.

    The San Diego case is a big one because it involved and elder. As more come up where elders or MS were the abuser then the cults in big trouble!!!

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