Subliminal Messaging

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  • Xanthippe
    Xanthippe - There is something there. But what the intent is - joke by a bored artist - revenge by a pimo artist - the king of Evil known as the WT - shrugs.

    Yeah it is difficult to know what the motive might be. If it is a PIMO what are they trying to achieve?

  • Tenacious

    "A University of Arizona study has found that objects in our visual field of which we are not consciously aware still may influence our decisions. The findings refute traditional ideas about visual perception and cognition, and they could shed light on why we sometimes make decisions -- stepping into a street, choosing not to merge into a traffic lane -- without really knowing why."

    Full article click here

    That is absolutely not the same as artists who deliberately add images to artwork. Ask anyone who sits down to draw or paint a specific scene and they will tell you the exact same thing that they have repeatedly said time and again on this forum; it is impossible to have a big black penis accidentally appear, or a demon hand, or 666, or Aliens, or Masonic symbols. It simply does not happen unless there is a deliberate effort by the artist.

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Incognito

    I can recall similar hidden images being a topic among some JWs over 40 years ago. I expect WT artists from back then have come and gone and so I doubt it could be attributed to a few PIMO artists.

    While a few random shapes that appear as something else could be reasonable on occasion, they generally wouldn't be recognized as a complete person or item.

    Because the hidden images in WT literature have been so frequent, blatant, complete and often have a similar appearance and theme, that seems to suggest they are not random or by accident.

    If it were so common for complete hidden images to randomly appear in printed works, they should also be easily found in other common publications and periodicals not produced by WT.

  • punkofnice
    Truthy - All your replies are great.. if anyone has the red Revelation book that was studied a few times circa 1988 -- page 159 -the right outstretched had - appears to be a face, the best one with at least 3 subliminals is on page 52

    My hand actually looks like that, I kid you not. I think we're reading to much in to nothing here.

    I remain unconvinced. I wish to play the devil's advocate here.....

    Jesus is supposed to be holding an iron rod --- it is wooden

    I think that's probably just crap art. I don't think the WBT$ artists are all Banksy. And anyway, what does it prove?

    So, someone is trying to sabotage the art, what does this prove about the WBT$? We know their sloppy frauds.

    Jesus right hand up close- looks like a claw holding the wooden rod

    Again, probably just crappy artwork. Proves what?

    immediately behind Jesus to the right, down by his thigh in the back,
    you see a claw hand holding that angels iron rod

    Crappy art. Nothing is really proven by this.

    What does anyone that believes it's more than just crappy art believe this means?

    Forgive me, but I think there is a lot of vagueness here.

    Does it mean the WBT$ is infested with Gremlins or what?

  • btlc

    My favorite, old brown songbook cover:

    mysterious 2nd pair of legs from the right

  • Listener

    If you watch the “Respect Authority” video hosted by Sam Herd, and watch very closely at the title screen, you will see a Pyramid and Eye of Horus in the clouds.

    Then there is irrefutable drone video of a foreign branch that reveals the Eye. There’s no way in Hell that design is accidental.

    Who knows what the wackos at the top really believe or why all the weird pictures exist. I can’t answer that.


  • Finkelstein

    mysterious 2nd pair of legs from the right

    So the artist drew feet without the body , maybe just to fill the space.

  • Tenacious

    @ Finkelstein,

    I agree. Simple explanation for a simple picture. The feet were supposed to belong to someone that didn't fit in the picture. My assumption but more than probable.


    There’s definitely some sub-par artwork that has been put out by the WTBTS. Maybe they let some new artists have a go and nobody noticed some of the crappy work? I’m sure that has happened from time to time.

    Even so, that does not explain all the weird pictures being discussed. Bad artwork doesn’t make the Borg shit-can a song book cover, but a big black penis pointed towards a child will.


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