Subliminal Messaging

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  • truthlover123

    For over 20 years subliminal pictures showed up in most books, wt, and awakes- eighties, nineties and into 2000's...

    Demons, gods, you name it--

    Question: IS anyone seeing anything like this in todays publications?


    I don’t read any the propaganda anymore, but the God’s Love picture of Jesus on the stake was removed and replaced.


  • Nathan R. Koppe
    Nathan R. Koppe

    I have spotted the odd masonic symbol here and there..... Look at the A's in wAtchtower GileAd School, identical to the mason logo!

    There is this diamond like logo they keep using for 'wisdom, information or knowledge', again symbolism in the occult....

    It gets freakier when you check the measurements of the Broadcasting Studio stage.....let's put it that way.... 666 seems to be their favourite number!

  • HiddenPimo

    I believe the Yellow Songbook from 2008/9 when opened up has a giant Penis in the artwork on the cover...

  • Tenacious

    I believe they are being more subtle about them.

    Because they now know technology has pissed on their parade.

    Information is widely available and references abound.

  • stillin

    HP is correct.

    Plus, whenever there's a picture of some "exemplary" person and then they turn out to be no longer associated, that picture mysteriously disappears from future editions.

    But the penis was likely a playful artist.

  • Listener

    There is a Caleb and Sophia video where the scroll work on Sophia's bedhead has 666 at the top and bottom. She's got a new bed in her latest video and it is much more plain.

    There are a few other strange things in some of these videos which are odd, including the green monsters in the lounge room.

    There is also the video where Satan is tempting Jesus to throw himself off and one scene shows him doing this.

  • Finkelstein

    Seeing defined images in art work or other visual things is called Pareidolia.

    The WTS has been known to have blurred or deformed images in its publications by the printing process it uses.

    If no one notices it and the literature gets circulated out.

    Some people start to say. hey there's demonic imagery in their literature..

    Not exactly rational thinking toward the fact of the matter though.

    And yes the WTS's art department has put pyramid shaped images in certain pieces of its literature in an deliberate intent to show evil occultism, that's not questionable .

  • skin

    There was a clear image of a skeleton hand with 5 fingers over the shoulder of a girl in just this weeks midweek meeting video image, not sure if they used that same image in the paper edition of the CLAM.

  • Finkelstein

    Put a Link up Skin so we can evaluate it.

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