Newspaper reports: Dutch government will initiate inquiry into child abuse within JW community

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  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Today a Dutch newspaper published an in-depth follow-up item on JW abuse issues.

    The most interesting part of the article is this:

    The politicians also let themselves be heard. A month ago the House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of a motion to enforce an independent inquiry into abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses, as the organization refuses to initiate it. Minister Sander Dekker of legal protection can't do anything other than comply, said spokesperson when asked. In autumn, more will be made known about the how and what.

    So the newspaper called the Minister of Legal Protection, asked whether he will or will not start an inquiry as the MPs demand, and the Minister's spokesperson said 'he can't do anything other than comply'.

    Stay tuned folks! The indian summer will be very hot for the Dutch branch!

  • Doubter

    The “how” and “what” are the most important details. Best wait until those come out before banging your head on the ceiling.

  • Doubter

    Something noteworthy from the article — only 6 of the “more than 300” claimaints RC claims they have filed a “report” (I am assuming a police report)? That’s south of 2 percent. They’ve been getting these reports for about a year, and that’s it?

    How many of these “more than 300” are actually valid complaints, and how many are based on stories like “a Witness I know, says her sister’s best friend’s cousin was abused by the second cousin of another Witness she knows” type of stuff?

  • john.prestor

    You're a child abuse apologist, Doubter, and we don't look kindly upon you.


    Here comes Doubter!!! Always ready to defend the WTBTS!!

    Is there an article about the WTBTS getting what’s coming to them? Doubter will be there to examine it for any possible way to spin the article in the WTBTS’s favor!

    It’s like clockwork folks!


  • Doubter

    Please, attaking me is a red herring, address the merits of what I said.

  • Doubter

    “Spinning” the article? Are you kidding me?

    It reported only 6 of the alleged “more than 300” filed a report. So if all 300+ of those allegations are true, then why would those victims fell compelled to go to RC, and not the police, who are actually qualified to investigate and deliver justice? Can RC deliver justice? Are they law enforcement?

    So it’s reasonable to conclude that something is fishy here. The numbers are either being fabricated or they are simply accepting reports of unproven hearsay from third and fourth hand accounts.

    After all, ex-jw and non-jw opposers around the world die on the hill of “I know of a...” or “I heard this happened in congregation x...” and so on and so forth.

    The actual, hard, independent proof has always been in very short supply.

  • Diogenesister

    All 300 are actual victims. There are no 3rd hand accounts. Doubt the victims veracity if you must, but Reclaimed voices were not interested in 2nd hand cong gossip. There are various reasons why victims may not be ready for the arduous journey ahead should they decide to press charges....the perp may be deceased or a family member for starters.

    You also know full well the consequences should an " active" witness press charges against a so-called " brother".

    Watchtower weaponizes victims families and the consequences are usually the loss of everyone the victim has ever held dear.

    Are you so heartless a "Christian" you cannot see that??

    Besides...6 is 6 too many.

  • Doubter


    So they’re not ready to go to police but they’re ready to go to a stranger who planned to exploit their stories and pimp them and their families out to the Netherland government?

    yeah, sure...

  • Doubter

    6 is 6 too many, but it still only counts for less than 2 percent.

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