Newspaper reports: Dutch government will initiate inquiry into child abuse within JW community

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  • Doubter

    Lol Anderson. You were attempting to quote WT literature against me, so I simply used it to refute your attempt.

  • john.prestor

    I get that this guy pisses everybody off, but I would really encourage other posters to stop responding to him. He's a sophist of the worst kind. The investigation will go on and should go on no matter what 'Doubter' has to say.

  • AbusedandPissed

    So there is some discussion on numbers compared to the CC. First, you can't say 400 Catholic priests out of 1.3 billion. It is 400 catholic priests out of 414,000, that number has been consistent since the 70s. obviously, some have died some have added. If you want to say the number of 1.3 billion you have to include all those that have committed child abuse who are Catholic. You have to compare apples to apples not apples to oranges.

    Second is this thought on the ARC. If you actually listen to the full testimony you will hear that these were also cases involving child pornography, sexting between a minor and an adult or cases that involved witnesses before they were witnesses. So the number of victims even with child pornography is higher because that is easier to achieve in the volume of victims due to the nature of the abuse. Not saying that it is less evil just saying that is a simple fact. So the number of victims that was actually abused by a witness can be lower, even though the witness that watched child pornography reabused the child by watching it. But some of those cases that Watchtower was made aware, Watchtower was informed by the police, so there was no reason to inform the police again. Some were tried and convicted of the abuse and was in prison prior to them becoming a witness so again no reason to tell the police

    Also on the rules. I am not sure who I saw it on here but they said that they had to go through child abuse training. Part of the training was that the first step under suspicion is to report it to their supervisor in order to ensure that the law is followed. Even in this discussion, there is talk that RV will inform the police themselves if they suspect a child is still endangered. Aren't both of these things in the new policy by Watchtower.

  • zeb

    I hope above all that the Dutch Investigators get the footage of the ARC and watch it carefully to see how the wt operates under inspection.

  • Tahoe

    Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to hand over evidence in sexual abuse case

    Religious sect Jehovah’s Witnesses has refused to hand over documents to the public prosecutor in which an ex-member admits the abuse of a child, also member of the sect at the time, RTL Nieuws reports.

    Samet G, now 31, was a minor himself when the abuse of his 4 year-old niece started. The abuse continued until she was 14 and was reported to the police in 2015 when the girl and her mother left the Christian sect.

    A court in Breda last week sentenced G to a 9 months suspended sentence and a fine for the abuse but did not have access to the confession, which dates from 2011.

    G is appealing against his conviction. Jehovah’s Witnesses have their own internal committees which sit in judgement in cases of sexual abuse and do not involve the police.

    A record of these proceedings is made and kept. According to RTL, the public prosecutor’s request for a copy of the confession was refused on the grounds that it would compromise the man’s privacy and that, by law, clergymen, or in this case the elders, cannot be forced to reveal what has been told to them in confidence.

    Although there is doubt among lawyers that the Jehovah’s Witnesses elders can claim this right, the public prosecutor accepted the refusal, RTL writes. The sect also refuses to cooperate in an independent inquiry and, according to minister for legal protection Sander Dekker, it cannot be forced to do so.

    Abuse survivors According to Reclaimed Voices, an organisation that helps ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses members who were victims of sexual abuse, the minister needs to do much more. ‘If we can’t get the files via the courts we need politicians to act.

    Someone must force the Jehovah’s Witnesses to hand them over,’ the organisation’s spokesman Frank Huiting told RTL. CDA MP Madeleine van Toorenburg and other MPs have asked the minister to investigate if Jehovah’s Witness have the right to refuse access to documents that might shed light on a criminal case and slated the sect’s ‘culture of silence and cover-ups,’ RTL writes. Jehovah’s Witnesses are being widely accused of silencing victims of sexual abuse within the sect.

    The Guardian newspaper recently uncovered a case involving at least 100 victims who claim to have been abused.

    Read more at DutchNews.

  • Vidiot
    "Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to hand over evidence in sexual abuse case..."

    ...'Cause there's no way that could ever come back and bite them on the ass...

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