District Assemblies now being held at Circuit Assembly locations?

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  • Done

    Funny. I was in the money counting room at Ford field too, one of the years the convention was there. Can't remember which.

  • Darkknight757

    @ Done. I remember them using garbage cans on wheels and somehow hiding the bags of money at the bottom of them.

    I think they used a small bag of papers to hide the bags of money underneath.

  • _Morpheus
    Lol 69 nearly 70 at least!

    Lol yes i can agree with that...

    i also agree that its indicative of nothing. The problem is we only know
    our own little area. We would need a couple of pieces data to assess this with any degree of certainty. We would need to know

    A) where the DA (now called RA) was held traditionally and for how long

    B) where the RA is being held now and for how long

    In the washington DC area nothing has changed. For the past 25 years they have used the Richmond Coliseum and still do, barring the advent of an international convention, and before that it was it the capital center. That dosent mean it hasnt changed for other areas but thats the point. Nobody has the complete picture.

    There is one way, if someone were so inclined.... go to the web site and find the listing of the RA locations. Google the addresses and see how many are jw owned and how many are rented. We could then go back to an older KM or wt and pull the same information and compare. They used to print the locations, once upon a time.

    That would at least confirm a trend, if one exsists. The problem for slim and the gloom and doom chorus is that it dosent matter one bit WHERE the assemblies are held, what is relevant is the attendance. There more jw’s today in the USA than there were 10 years ago. Its not collapse if your growing.

  • Doubter

    I do agree with that. Pictures from select locations showing “full” or “empty” halls and assemblies have holes in them so large that you can drive a monster truck through.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    They have been having RC's(DC's) at a$$embly halls for a few years. They had RC's at some a$$embly halls, then back to the regular RC venues, like hockey rinks. Probably didn't work out for the locals or something.

  • jookbeard

    always knew this would happen, CA's are a waste of everyone's time , the apathy that is poisoning the R&F is clear to see even with the idiots of the GB, in a few years time I doubt you will even see many more RC's the aged ever decreasing population have been rinsed of $$$$$$$,the golden goose isnt laying any more golden eggs anymore, austerity for the distant never ending future, who'd have thought that a business based on a 1950's model could possibly have problems in the 21st century? LOL the guy who just flung wire coat hangers in a bin for 50 odd years at HQ and was paid a pittance that needed food,water and a roof over his head and healthcare is really biting them on their stupid butts! turned out that slave labour was far more expensive then they ever thought.

  • Done

    So funny dark knight. Yup. I was sitting in the first room where all the boxes came. In comes a 'cleaning crew'. I thought that looks odd, not the normal cleaning crew. A few minutes later, not long enough to clean anything, out they go. Asked an elder if that was the money leaving. He confirmed

  • Doubter

    There is an article I was reading yesterday. A newspaper in the UK if o recall.

    At any rate, it said a lot of people left after 1975, and it said, and I quote: “it has been declining ever since”.

    There were about 1 million jws in 1975. Help me with my apparently bad math. How can a religion in decline since 1975, go from 1 million members that year, to 8.5 million 43 years later?

  • Sanchy

    I kThe article was obviously wrong. The religion declined for only a few years after 1975 after which a renewed focus on the "1914 generation not passing" helped many forget about the '75 fiasco.

    Having said that, it seems the glory days of the religion growing at 4, 5 and even 6% are over. Now a days 1 to 2% is the norm.

  • Doubter

    So? Growth is growth. You worry when you start seeing membership reversals as a whole.

    Two percent of 8.5 million is 170k. Not such a small number when it’s converted.

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