District Assemblies now being held at Circuit Assembly locations?

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  • slimboyfat

    Latest cutback attempt to avert collapse. Will it succeed or collapse continue?

  • belogical


    Holding District conventions in Circuit assembly halls generates more revenue for the WTS.

    10 Conventions in the north of New Zealand will generate over 100K in revenue with very little expenditure.

  • slimboyfat

    Where are the figures from?

    I guess conventions don’t make as much these days since they stopped releases.

    Plus it probably costs quite a bit to heat, air condition, maintain and repair assembly halls. They’re getting increasingly desperate, and the cutbacks they make tend also to reduce donations. It’s a vicious circle. Can they avert disaster?

  • Done

    They've been using both the Holt and Belleville assembly halls for District Assembly for years in Michigan

  • HiddlesWife

    Shirley W=> Re: The Brooklyn Assembly Hall DCs (now RCs) have been held there since 2006. It's the beginning of WT saving $$$$$ and keeping from having to pay rental fees to the management corporations of arena venues such as Yankee Stadium, Met Life Stadium, Shea Stadium and the like (although Nassau Coliseum was used in 2014 for the International RCs).

  • Doubter

    Put your thinking caps on: what costs more:

    Holding ONE large DC/RC in a rented building like the old days, or hosting months of smaller RC’s from late May to September, which means more smaller buildings will need to be built, upgraded, or maintained?

    Could it be that they want to give people a greater opportunity to attend a RC if they have to miss for any reason, or that they would rather be as less dependent on third parties as possible?

    Its not necessarily a cost savings issue. If I could provide venues independently, I would as much as possible.

  • tiki

    Yeah....but not having to pay for the venue one would think they would beg for less $$$ per head attending....however.....

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    They have been doing this in Europe too.

    Use or repurpose the own CA halls for conventions too. This means no more money out of pocket to rent large venues, and the cost per day for the own halls goes down (= higher gross margin).

    Added bonus: it's easier to hide decreasing visitor numbers...

  • Doubter


    You apparently missed the point of my question. I’m arguing it costs MORE to host months of coventions than it does to ONE large convention in a rented facility.

    JWs would also have to pay more for maintenance and upgrades due to increased usage. Rented facility owners would have to cover that.

    Besides, it’s just more practical to use your own facilities than it does to rely on people who can tell you “no” if they don’t like you.

  • Darkknight757

    Yea I think they make more money by having several smaller conventions at facilities that are already paid off than a few very large ones. Most often it seemed that the larger venues were under utilized anyways.

    Our last International that I attended at Ford Field in Detroit, Mi was pathetic. Sooo many empty seats. It was hard to miss.

    I think too that all the older people can’t handle all the “too do” that comes with a large venue. It’s just way too hard on them physically.

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