What Views or Beliefs Do Jehovah’s Witnesses No Longer Teach?

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  • blondie

    btlc, I used to look those up when I was looking for "clarifications." The only thing it clarified was how many changes the WTS has made in the past and how ridiculous the explanations were. I call them dance arounds or speaking out of both sides of your mouth explanations.

    Many of us on here know the teachings of the WTS/jws better than jws themselves. We are not fooled by the explanations and are not afraid to disregard the words of imperfect men, especially when we can read the bible and see what it really says.

  • minimus

    Well, you do know that the light is getting brighter and brighter

  • OnTheWayOut

    They have not changed the creative day- OFFICIALLY. Like many teachings, they just don't talk about what they used to say.

    They don't mention "millions now living may/will never die" or what happened with "Beth-Sarim."

    I expected them to do this with the literal 144,000. But maybe that is too embedded in the doctrine. They might have to do like they did to "generation." That didn't go well.

  • minimus

    Ray Franz outlined the error of the 144000 doctrine. It simply wasn’t sensible!🤣

  • johnamos

    The BIGGEST view/belief that they no longer teach is that they were not judged back in 1918/19, but instead that judgment is still future, corresponding with Gog's attack.

    Of course they teach that indirectly...


  • minimus

    So basically nothing that happened in 1918/19 meant anything??

  • johnamos

    Nope, not as far as fulfilling prophecy!

    When they say they no longer refer to Christendom as the antitypical Jerusalem that means that all past/present teachings where they applied prophecies to Christendom, actually instead apply to them. (JW’s WTS/GB)


    [7-1-84 WT p.11, 12 par. 16 - In like fashion, Jehovah will bring a heavily armed modern-day Assyrian as his “rod” and “ax” to execute apostate Christendom.]

    [11-15-13 WT p. 19,20 par 16 - In the past, the people of Jerusalem were attacked by the Assyrians. Soon, Jehovah’s people will again be attacked by an “Assyrian,” or enemy, that will try to destroy them. The Scriptures refer to that attack as well as the attack of ‘Gog of Magog,’ the attack of “the king of the north,” and the attack of “the kings of the earth.”]


    [12-15-75 WT p.743 - Christendom’s JW's “holy place,” however, will soon be invaded and destroyed. It is no more sacred in the eyes of God than were Jerusalem and her temple prior to their destruction in 70 C.E. The religions of Christendom JW's will be deprived of their field of operation, losing control of everything. No respect will be shown for any of their claimed religious rights.]

    * See link for why I can cross out Christendom.


    [Quote from “What the Future Holds” talk; speaking about Gog’s attack – “What’s the point? Brothers, we should expect them to despoil us of our human rights. We should expect them to confiscate all of Jehovah’s belongings and close down and take possession of all our branches, factories, depots, kingdom halls, assembly halls, everything. Don’t make any mistake about it. We are all in this together. We have a common enemy.”]

    [Restored At Last! p. 187-188 - The nations will “devise an evil plan.” They will seek to vent their long-standing rage and hatred on Jehovah’s worshippers, who will seem vulnerable, as if “living in settlements unprotected by walls, bars, or gates.” The nations will also be eager to “take much spoil and plunder” from those “who are accumulating wealth.” (Ezek. 38:10-12)… The nations may try to disrupt our way of life and stop us from carrying out our worship. To that end, perhaps they will try to interrupt the flow of spiritual food, prevent us from meeting together, break up the unity we enjoy, and stop us from zealously proclaiming God’s message.]

    [Isaiah 10:5 “Aha, the As·syr´i·an, the rod for my anger, and the stick that is in their hand for my denunciation! 6 Against an apostate nation I shall send him, and against the people of my fury I shall issue a command to him, to take much spoil and to take much plunder and to make it a trampling place like the clay of the streets.]

    [Ezekiel 38:13 Is it to do much plundering that you have congregated your congregation, in order to carry off silver and gold, to take wealth and property, to get a very great spoil?”’]

    [6-1-81 WT p.30 - Joel 3 2-16, 19 It tells us why Jehovah is angry with the nations—because of the way they have treated his servants. They scattered them among the nations, making slaves of them. Also, they robbed Jehovah’s temple of its gold, silver and other desirable things, and brought these into their own temples.]

    [Joel 1:10 The field has been despoiled, the ground has gone to mourning; for the grain has been despoiled, the new wine has been dried up, the oil has faded away. 11 Farmers have felt shame; vinedressers have howled, …the harvest of the field has perished.17 Dried figs have shriveled under their shovels. Storehouses have been laid desolate. Barns have been torn down, for the grain has dried up. 18 O how the domestic animal has sighed! How the droves of cattle have wandered in confusion! For there is no pasturage for them. Also, the droves of the sheep have been the ones made to bear guilt. 19 “To you, O Jehovah, I shall call; for fire itself has devoured the pasture grounds of the wilderness, and a very flame has consumed all the trees of the field. 20 The beasts of the field also keep longing for you, because the channels of water have dried up, and fire itself has devoured the pasture grounds of the wilderness.”]

    [3-15-61 WT p.192 –The opening verse of Isaiah 29 shows that these words are addressed to Ariel, concerning which the footnote of the New World Translation states: “‘Ariel.’ Meaning, perhaps, ‘the altar hearth of God’; or, ‘the lion of God.’ Designating Jerusalem here.” This prophecy would therefore apply to spiritual Jerusalem as represented upon earth by the remnant. These words show that God’s earthly organization would come under attack and would be reduced to a very low state by the enemies of God’s kingdom. God’s people would be, as it were, crushed to the earth, at the time of Gog’s attack upon them, so that what utterance they made, what vocal sounds they made, would come up from low down in their abasement. It would be sound coming up from the very dust of the earth. It would be as if a spirit medium were talking with the vocal sound coming from the dust of the earth.]

  • minimus

    What the future holds talk,,, when was that given??

  • johnamos

    As far as an outline talk, that talk is still given presently, but that particular quoted talk that I posted was given in Oct of 2001.

    22:06 – 22:30 mark


  • slimboyfat

    One of the most startling changes recently has got to be the identity of the “faithful slave” which new teaching basically implies that the faithful slave itself (now the Governing Body) didn’t know its own identity for most of its history. Not to mention the thousands of modern day anointed who lived and died under the apparent misconception that they were the “faithful slave”, only to be demoted retrospectively after death. What a mess. Surely this has got to disturb long time JWs, or they are just not paying much attention.

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