What Views or Beliefs Do Jehovah’s Witnesses No Longer Teach?

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    Stephane, what an excellent post!!!😎👍👍

  • minimus

    Stephane, what you described was the intangibles. The heart and soul of how the Organization tries to control every facet of life including when you can talk or sit down.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Here are two more that I can add to my list above:

    20) No rearranging of Kingdom Melodies: Back around 2004, there was an article in the km that banned brothers and sisters from customizing the Kingdom Melodies and play them in the Kingdom Hall. There used to be a particular arrangement that many suspected to be produced by Prince at the time that was awesome and used for a few weddings in our area and low and behold, WT felt it was steeling their light. As this wasn't a stumbling block to anyone around, I saw this as a move for absolute control.

    21) We do not shun our kids: During an assembly in Quebec, a district overseer, Léonce Crépeaux, told a news reporter that JWs do not shun their kids who left the organization. I have since than also heard this lie in two court cases and also in the media in UK. Such misleading information has also been available in their FAQs portion of their site. If you believe that your practice reflects the love and justice from God, why the need to lie and deceive?

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    Aluminum is the devils metal, god lives in the Pleiades, vaccines are horse puss.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    All I can say is stay alive until 1975. Still Totally ADD

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