The really cool feeling of community within JWs

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  • Vidiot

    Phaedra - "...Small gatherings... Picnics at some local landmark..."

    Ironic that they've pretty much yanked the plug on anthing that genuinely fostered their precious "unity"...

  • freemindfade
    The feeling of closeness, camaraderie, friendship with like minded people you could trust.

    To not say that was a byproduct of the cult would be a lie, it is. Keep in mind other high control groups have a similar benefit, be it a government like North Korea, or a pseudo religion cult like Scientology. You can always fall back on "Unity".

    It comes at a price though. The world is an indifferent place and its definitely more complex to navigate. But it is possible. Also think about this, if that tight knit group didn't shun you, would you miss anything about the "Religion"? no. They have put you in this position to have your friends and family or not.

  • Saintbertholdt
    The feeling of closeness, camaraderie, friendship with like minded people you could trust... Really miss that.

    You can always become a Freemason.

    I hear rib night is great fun.

  • dozy

    I remember when I was younger there were often events on - dances , BBQs , general get-togethers etc. They were nice times & I miss them like the original posters.

    In more recent times though the WTBTS have come down hard in the publications on "large gatherings". Our congregation had a "fancy dress" party & the CO really tore a strip off the elders and included references to it in one of his talks and basically said we should be on the ministry rather than socialising.

    One of the main problems was that the JW who organised an event would be held responsible if anything went "wrong" so most were wary of doing anything. I remember chatting to a sister who sometimes organised kids parties with children from our neighbouring congregations why she no longer did them & she said her last event had to be "vetted" by the elders in case there was anything that "stumbled" someone. Even so , one of the sisters complained afterward about something - behind her back to the elders ( as per usual ). When she heard about the complaints through the grapevine she decided not to do any more get-togethers as it was just too much hassle.

    In my last few years social events were few and far between - mainly weddings and funerals and maybe an occasional small "going away party" or anniversary.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Yes, camaraderie and feelings of closeness are one of the good things. Actually, the only good thing. And I must admit is the best thing that can happen to the lonely, insecure, depressed. However, it traps many who could be quite adept or adaptable in other social groups, who can offer far more than just a network of conditional friends. My family of JW's, just as many other families, are trapped by this belief of: "look, we are happy and caring, therefore we must be the true religion". That's the only fallacious, yet quite effective, argument holding them in the cult.
  • ToesUp
    We experienced something similar to what dozy stated above. We had a few gatherings that we put together and they were always scrutinized by someone or someone would get offended because they weren't invited. Our home only holds so many people so we would try to invite some who didn't typically get invited to the "more distinguished" ones gatherings. Let's say we would try to mix it up. There was always something that happened, someone would get offended and it would get back to us. Eventually, we quit having gatherings. It just wasn't worth it anymore. We really don't miss it. We are using the money we would use for the gatherings to travel and enjoy our life. Goodbye judgement....hello enjoyment!
  • Ucantnome

    The feeling of closeness, camaraderie, friendship with like minded people you could trust.

    I was in a few different congregations through the years and I can't say that I ever felt this closeness.

  • lovesjehovah
    That feeling you seek is natural. It is the association with people on a spiritual level. You will not find it anywhere else.
  • Frank Ward
    Frank Ward
    I agree, I've been to all churches and other social groups, I think Mormons probably only ones with similar closeness, they, like JW's make visitors into friends. The churches have nothing comparable in spite of their claiming the JW's are not Christians. I think the main reason is churches don't teach the Bible, so they don't get the holy spirit which is the result of studying the scriptures. Of course there are many wicked things done by the org. and the elders. Another thing, there is nothing comparable to the big conventions of the JW's, the churches conventions are pathetic affairs, more for children than adults, and there is nothing comparable to the beautiful songs we sang at assemblies, church songs are also pathetic, again aimed at children or rock concert lovers. I think the explanation may be that Satan naturally has targeted those nearest to the truth. His purpose is to corrupt the truth, and turn JW's into atheists in which he has been successful, but a Christian cannot remain inside the org. if he is not allowed to speak freely. Atheists can't possibly offer the same closeness and trust which Christianity offers.
  • pbrow

    lovesjah... how do you know that anyone cannot find it anywhere else? That is a pretty bold statement.


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