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  • Vidiot

    My elder Dad used to tell me that deep down, the other Christian churches actually "knew the Society had the Truth" (i.e. was right), but - for all intents and purposes - wanted to sin, so they pretended the WT was wrong.

  • Finkelstein

    The driving intent of all religions is to cultivate power and control over a given population, some of those controls one might say were beneficial from a social behavioral perspective ie. (The Ten Commandments), to that population, others not so good.

    In modern day Christendom including the JWS , Its kind of a game of who's the most righteous in the eyes of god, we are not them agenda.

    Nevertheless what happens over time with these organizations is there is an appearance of self imposed inherent corruption mostly relating to money which is essentially the sustaining life blood.

  • sparrowdown

    All religion is a scam ditch it, you don't need religion to explore the metaphysical or ponder the musings of the great philosphers and thinkers or discover the history of the world, in fact you could learn more from the Mel Brookes History of the World movies than you could from any religion and it would be funnier.

    Big Religion is just an opportunistic businessman that sets himself up as the middle man, a bottled water seller set up next to the stream taking advantage of thirsty people. The bible is just one tiny fragment in a world of mystery.

  • Spiral

    I always wondered why people wanted to worship a God that made everything so hard, and tested them constantly (for his own amusement?). If God were really a God of truth and fairness, he'd make the truth easy to determine for everyone.

    After I really woke up, I realized at heart I am an atheist. None of this God stuff throughout history makes any sense to me.

  • sparrowdown

    Maybe none of it is supposed to make sense. What will people in two thousand years think of the classic books of today? Will they try to analyze interpret and live by them.

  • humbled

    “Big Religion is just an opportunistic businessman that sets himself up as the middleman, a bottled water seller set up next to the stream taking advantage of thirsty people.”

    that sums it up, sparrowdown

    Punky, nothing l paid for took care of my thirst. I do believe there are waters of life that we find and they are indeed free.

    A long time finding that out.. l am getting stronger though. Not so young but life is getting better.

    l don’t know you of course. But when l see that though you may be sad, angry or bitter (so you have said) you are not mean. That makes me glad for you.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I was just saying to my husband the other night, that all the experiences that are attributed to god answering prayers and therefore proof that they have found the right religion - for every one of these there is a same answer to a prayer in yet another religion proving to them that they are on the right track. So either god is answering all these prayers and is not interested in just one religion or there is another explanation to these supposed answers.

    Oh and I have to share this with you because it made me laugh- my 10 year old has done something to my computer so that every time the word Christian/s comes up is see the word Spaghettiian and every Jesus comes up as Jeffy.

    Cheeky monkey. :-)

  • Vidiot

    re. Finkelstein's post...

    I'd also venture a guess that from an evolutionary POV, it was a means of - ultimately - increasing and limiting the reproductive opportunities of opposing groups.

  • OnTheWayOut

    As my willingness to examine Jehovah's Witnesses was in the early stages, I figured 'Christendom' would turn out generally more accurate with the Bible. But as time went on, I came to see that any given group can find a way to make it seem that the Bible supports anything they want it to support.

    I won't take you down my trail in this post, but once I added science to my journey out of the lies, I was done with the Bible.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Your pet peeve is something I used to wonder about as well.

    WTS condemned everyone as stoopid except themselves. But you look at those other religious places where people are allowed to study in a university, and get to wondering how they are all wrong compared to 6,7,or 8 men from Brooklyn!

    And the WTS would reply that Satan has blinded their minds so as to stop the light getting in.

    Now you realise how much they are all tarred with the same brush including the WTS. In fact if God needed to get a message across would he really pick a group that everyone detests especially when they come unannounced to your house. If anything it would obscure His message further.

    It's just so pointless in the end.

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