WT Study October 2018....spinning ''layoffs'' into ''reassigning'' ex-Bethelites ''to the field''

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    What the Watchtower Society teaches: Watchtower Study October 2018

    In the meantime, try to make the best of your situation. Draw close to your heavenly Father through prayer, and learn to leave yourself in his caring hands. In this way, you too will maintain inner peace despite changing circumstances.

    What the Bible teaches:

  • asp59

    I think finding jobs in South Africa is really really Hard

  • asp59

    Rules and regulations The organisation has put all effort in preaching and not in building loving congregations. IF they would quote that bible vers and JWs were looking for help from otheres in the Borg. They probably starve.

  • john.prestor

    Rules and regulations, if that doesn't reveal the bottom line I don't know what does. Your mothers died, we kicked you out of Bethel, but hey, at least you can make us a couple new converts, when are they gonna start tithing? Oh wait we don't call it tithing, we call it voluntary donations... as if donations could be involuntary...

    Hemdrixgrip, I respect that man, he's obviously in a rough situation and if he doesn't make the cuts they're probably gonna cut him. But he is complicit, you're right about that.

  • LongHairGal


    I am in agreement with both of you and have NO sympathy for anybody who doesn’t want to work and thinks they are going to be in the ministry instead!..Nope! not after how I WAS viewed because I had a full time job!

    I had this same conversation with a JW friend recently and I made it very clear that if I were there I would say NO to these appeals for money....With all the bethelites having been laid off and yet more to keep coming - I’m sure the people in the congregations are fed up with non-stop appeals for money, old cars, cheap apartments and whatever.

    This is the handwriting on the wall, sad to say, in the religion. They think they are going to turn their attention to the VERY people they criticized for having jobs/careers.

    It’s just as well I’m not there because I would end up having to be unpleasant to some idiot who would corner me with an envelope looking for contributions for all the ‘needy’ including some who never wanted to work..Well, let their ‘spiritual’ friends give them money!

  • vienne

    sending someone who's been there for 25 years and is now aged into a world with which they have lost contact is a disreputable act no matter how you phrase it.

  • fulano

    We had that experience ,we had to return to our home-country in our fourties, which after 10 years is not your country anymore. It is very hard indeed.

    Please do not think every bethelite or missionary or travelling overseer ever looked down on other brothers and sisters. So a little more consideration with all those dismissed is apropriate I think.


    fulano said:

    We had that experience, we had to return to our home-country in our fourties

    Can you elaborate?

    My niece and her husband are ''special pioneers.'' They quit their full-time jobs and moved down to South Carolina. They both work 2-3 days per week and pioneer the rest of the week. They might be next in line if the layoffs continue.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I can give them a little credit for at least acknowledging to a small degree that a lot of people have been given the boot after many years at bethel. It's a start.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    It all attitude, I tell ya, attitude!

    When Ryan and Juliette were informed that their assignment as temporary special pioneers had come to an end, they felt dejected. “We took this straight to Jehovah in prayer,” Ryan says. “We knew that we had a special opportunity here to display trust in him. Many in our congregation were new in the truth, so we prayed that Jehovah would help us to set an excellent example of faith.”
    7 How did Jehovah respond to their prayer? Ryan recalls: “Immediately after the prayer, the negative feelings and worries that we initially experienced disappeared. The peace of God was guarding our hearts and mental powers. We realized that we could continue to be useful to Jehovah if we maintained the right attitude.”

    The way things are going it looks like many more will have a special opportunity to display trust in Jehovah as the Watchtower corporation shells out big time for all the harm they brought to children under their care in the courts.

    I'm sure their trust in corporate Jehovah will really be stretched out for some to the breaking point up the road ahead. Jehovah's Witnesses active membership looks like it is getting ready to take another nose dive.

    And also take a tip from Ryan, prayer can help calm your nerves temporarily,(but no guarantees for lasting relief from jittery nerves is temporary, unless you want to pray every time you get to feeling a little queasy about the whole thing and see how long you will be able to get relief, eventually you got to face the truth that you have been royally screwed by this bunch delusional but sniffing assholes.

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