WT Study October 2018....spinning ''layoffs'' into ''reassigning'' ex-Bethelites ''to the field''

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    WT Study October 2018

    Maintain Inner Peace Despite Changing Circumstances

    Lloyd and Alexandra learn that they have been reassigned to the field, they at first felt sad. After all, they had been serving at Bethel for over 25 years.

    Ryan and Juliette were informed that their assignment as temporary special pioneers had come to an end, they felt dejected.

    Osborne and Polite, a South African couple, left Bethel, they thought they would soon have part-time work and a place to live. “Unfortunately,” recounts Osborne, “secular work did not come as soon as we had hoped.” His wife, Polite, recalls: “We did not find work for three months, and we had no savings. It was a real challenge.”

    After being thrown out in the streets with no employment and no savings, How does the WTBTS spin these layoffs? Unexpected changes can lead to unexpected blessings!

    Paragraph 22 says it all!

    22 If life takes an unexpected turn —whether as a result of a change in our theocratic assignments, health problems, or new family responsibilities— be assured that Jehovah cares for you and will help you at the right time. (Heb. 4:16; 1 Pet. 5:6, 7) In the meantime, try to make the best of your situation. Draw close to your heavenly Father through prayer, and learn to leave yourself in his caring hands. In this way, you too will maintain inner peace despite changing circumstances.
  • Tenacious

    Hopefully these people will come to realize the organization is crap.

    Three months with no income? No education and no savings.

    How's that prestigious Bethel life now my dear brothers and sisters?

    Yes, exactly. You worked for free all those years getting meager pauper wages and have nothing but useless false doctrinal information to show for it.

    Man I feel so sorry for these lost souls that were chewed down to the bone and spit out by the maggots in warwick.

  • john.prestor

    I'm afraid I sound like a broken record but I just wish the author(s) would own what high-ranking Brothers decide, I imagine Branch Committee members lay people off, could be wrong but... why all the passive language? They never say who decides to lay people off, its ' have been reassigned,' 'were informed', ' a change in our theocratic assignments,' etcetera ad nauseum. Who reassigned them? Who informed them? Who made the change? Just own that you're laying people off with no jobs to fall back on after they gave you years of their life so you can sit around in cushy chairs and work in well-kept offices and never worry about where your next meal comes from. These people, man, seriously. They drive me up the wall.

  • steve2

    No surprise that the third example, the couple from South Africa who had served at that country's Bethel, had no savings. Saying, "It was a real challenge" is putting it mildly. Fact is, the suggestion that they turn to God in prayer is a buck-passing con. No Bethel writer or governing body member knows what it is like to be displaced because their own precious jobs are secure.

    You can pray all day and night and there's still no money, no job and no food on your table. Practical measures bring you what you need. My hope is that those laid-off from Bethel or their field assignments experience full scale what it's like to be abandoned by the organization they have so loyally served - especially what it "feels" like to be palmed off into talking to an invisible friend who can no more help than the man in the moon. I guess the next step is for these couples to be paraded at their local regional conventions as "fine examples" - or is that "fired examples"?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    all reassigned former bethelites are very welcome here.

    i wonder how many are reading this ?

    Who reassigned them? Who informed them? Who made the change?

    Here is a photo (dramatized) from the WT Study October 2018!

    Look at the faces of the husband and wife who probably served at Bethel for many years and are now ex-Bethelites. Thrown out in the streets with no savings, no employment, no job skills and being told to leave everything in Jehovah's hands.

    Being told.... make the best of your situation, suckers! We, who made this decision, will have meals, a roof over our heads, and free health care.

    Brothers meet with a couple and inform them that they have been reassigned from Bethel to the field


    They’re f’d unless they have relatives with a basement that hasn’t been turned into a bunker yet..

    I hear Starbucks has decent healthcare and tuition reimbursement.

    Let’s Review: ........

    DD 😈


    WT Study October 2018

    Consider a married couple, Philip and Mary, who had served at Bethel for nearly 25 years. Within four months, both lost their mothers and another relative in death and began caring for Mary’s father, who has dementia. 9 Philip recalls: “I thought I was coping well to a certain point, but something was missing. I came across Colossians 1:11 in a Watchtower study article. I was enduring, true, but not in the fullest sense. I needed to ‘endure fully with patience and joy.’ This verse reminded me that my joy in life is dependent, not on my circumstances, but on the effect that God’s spirit has in my life.”
    10 In response to their efforts to maintain a spiritual outlook on their situation, Jehovah blessed Philip and Mary in many ways. Soon after leaving Bethel, they both found progressive Bible students who wanted to study more than once a week. Looking back, Mary says, “They were our joy and Jehovah’s way of telling us that everything was going to be fine.”

    So, after losing both their mothers and another relative in death....caring for a father who needs special care.......... Jehovah ( with all his power ) blesses the couple with employment?better health? a new home? job skills? Nope.....Jehovah blesses them with a bi-weekly Bible study.

  • Hendrixgrip

    John Prestor, some time in the early 2000’s I was asked to be a chairman on a hall construction project. I wasn’t a big deal, I just happened to be traveling for business when the body decided who should do it so I was “chosen for the privilege”. At the same meeting I was chosen to give the memorial talk too.

    Anyway, at the dedication, we got a branch member, I think his name was something Lloyd. I had the “privilege” (again) of entertaining this guy and his wife all day. Just trying to make conversation, I asked him what was the most stressful thing he was dealing with at that time. He told me he had to make the calls to lay off staff from bethel. The GB told him to reduce by some proportion, seems like it was 20%. When it went ok, they told him to do it again, which he was in the process of doing.

    I really felt sorry for him. He seemed to be genuinely disturbed by having to do this. I guess firing people is never easy and he was taking it very personally, as he should have. He was complicit.

  • waton

    I wrote "callous stiff necks" under that picture, too bad the couple did not have drinks before them , that then should have exploded onto those invisible, callous turned faces.

    Saudi Arabia handles things like that better: There, husbands are now allowed to inform their wives that they have been divorced by email.

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