Are Magicians Spawns of Satan the Devil?

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I was perusing the Internet not long ago and came upon this series of videos by a guy calling himself Xendrius. It declares that many of today's best magicians are in league with the Devil. His claims are based on his observation that the tricks would be impossible to do unless the magicians had made unholy pacts with the Devil.

    So what's the take of the WTBTS? Are JWs allowed to see magic acts? And if you sent these videos to active JWs, would they share Xendrius's views? I've known that pilots were in league with Satan for some time. I mean, I've been to the airport and seen how big the airliners are. I've seen the guys throwing all that heavy luggage into them and said to myself, "There's no way they're gonna get something that huge into the air without someone making a pact with Lucifer! No way!" I've put a lot of thought into it and those planes are absolutely too big to fly without supernatural assistance!

    Also, why do the WATCHTOWER writers love to use the term "Satan the Devil"? Why don't they just use "Satan"?

    Magicians and Demons, Part 1

    Magicians and Demons, Part 2

  • talesin

    They say it's demonic. And that is one of their most fallacious teachings, because "everyone knows" that magic is tricks! Just watch "The Prestige".

    Eed-jits! :P

  • sparky1

    Don't you know? 'Good magic' is OK in Jehovah's Witness Land!

  • sparky1

    How in the HELL can sweet little Mickey Mouse be in league with SATAN?

  • talesin

    Sparky1. SO TRUE W

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    In Dub land, Magic has been largely associated with Demonism. Unknown forces,per se.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    If these guys have "real" magical powers, James Randi has a million bucks waiting for them.
  • Finkelstein

    Since there's no such thing as spirits, magic is and always be slight of hand trickery that fools the viewer.

    No human being ever hand magical powers .

    But if you want to sell and promote your act , you have the option to call yourself spiritually involved..... ooooohh


    It is pure skill, sleight of hand and trickery !

    Now as to the way JW . ORG introduces NU-LITE ...............well about sleight of mind ................I would say dat is da works of da Debbil he-self !

  • Simon

    We had one of the real zealot types in our KH. You know the sort - they find offence in everything.

    A brother from a neighboring KH did a Tommy-Cooper like routine at a wedding and this clown was oh so very offended by it claiming that he was "performing magic by summoning the power of Satan's demons! DEEMUNZ !!"

    For the non-Brits or those under 40 / 30 do a search on YouTube ... Tommy Cooper was a magician / comedian who's tricks always went wrong or, when they worked (to his amazement and the audiences) he'd immediately accidentally reveal how they were done.

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