Are Magicians Spawns of Satan the Devil?

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    *** w64 10/15 pp. 639-640 Questions From Readers ***

    Is it proper for a Christian to have a hobby of magical tricks simply for his amusement?

    It may be that a person has a hobby of performing tricks that have nothing to do with real magic or demonism. It may be that one simply employs sleight-of-hand tricks or those involving illusions. So if one were merely showing how adroit a person may be with his hands, with no pretense of any magic, there may be no objection to such entertainment. However, whether a Christian will be involved in things of this nature or not is something that should be thoughtfully considered. One might start out performing simple tricks, but this could lead into practices that, knowingly or unwittingly, mimic the magical arts. One might duplicate by trickery real magical feats that are performed by demons, such as levitation, moving objects mysteriously, ectoplasmic materializations, and so forth. Such could lead into involvement with wicked spirit forces because it is playing at what the demons actually do.

    Illustrating the danger of playing at anything that resembles demon activity is the experience of a woman in London. Her experience is described by Nandor Fodor in the book The Haunted Mind. This woman was fascinated by magic and hypnotism, and she had an extensive library on magical arts. The report says:

    “I had a young boy staying with me who was a good hypnotic subject. I drew a magic circle, put him inside and sent him into hypnotic sleep. Then I commanded him to bring up the Devil! The boy writhed and cried. He was afraid. . . . Nothing happened in the first five hypnotic sessions. But the sixth time something did, and it frightened me out of my senses. In the magic circle a light appeared. Out of a luminous haze two eyes—as big as eggs—looked at me with an awful, penetrating look, a horrible expression. I asked hoarsely what it was. The boy answered—in a totally different voice—’the Evil that you conjured up speaks to you’. . . . I was so scared that I shrieked, ‘Go back, never come again! I will not permit you, I don’t want you!’ The light disappeared with a rushing sound, and things returned to normal. But I was white as chalk and for days afterward I felt that all the strength had gone out of me. The boy felt the same. Four or five times he felt that a power had tried to gain control of him.”

    Toying with magical practices, even though one may be faking them, is highly dangerous, and is inviting the demons to put in an actual appearance, as they did in the case of a man who put on fake seances, only to discover that sometimes he actually performed mediumistic phenomena.—Clock Without Hands.

    Sometimes those who perform tricks try to cause others to believe that they are doing something supernatural, magical. Thus they may, in fact, lay themselves open to real difficulty with the demons. Certainly no Christian would want to make any claim to having supernatural powers or leave any impression that he is a practitioner of Babylonian magic, which is condemned by God. (Deut. 18:10, 14) A Christian should also keep in mind that persons who know him and that he is a minister of God might look unfavorably on magiclike tricks; some persons might be stumbled. So the Christian may well find the pursuit of a hobby in so-called “magical” tricks is not advantageous.—Phil. 1:10; 1 Cor. 6:12.

    *** g93 9/8 p. 27 Is There Danger in Practicing Magic? ***

    Entertainment magic aims to inspire wonderment through intriguing deception. It falls into five basic and overlapping methods: “stage magic, close up, sleight of hand, illusion, and mentalism.”

    *** g93 9/8 p. 27 Is There Danger in Practicing Magic? ***

    Most people, however, associate the word “magic” with entertainment. A person might create illusions with his hands (sleight of hand), having in mind that the hand is often quicker than the eye. There may be no Biblical objection to this. However, if there is a pretense of occult magic, would a Christian ever want to give the impression of possessing some supernatural, unexplainable power? Or if others are given the wrong impression by the “magical” performance, would a Christian not want to forgo such entertainment so as not to stumble others? (1 Corinthians 10:29, 31-33) In addition, there is the potential danger of a person’s being tempted to go further, into the deeper magical arts.

    Therefore, when it comes to magic that is clearly connected with spiritism, true Christians wisely avoid practicing it. Beyond that, in all aspects of a Christian’s life—whether involving employment, recreation, or entertainment—he would want to “hold a good conscience,” a conscience that permits no offense against God or man.—1 Peter 3:16; Acts 24:16.

    --------Yet many jws feel it is all right to go to movies like Disney with magical characters.

  • cofty
    Now all this doesn't mean I don't believe in evil spirits. I do - Cold Steel

  • DJS

    Well at least Cold Steel isn't prophesying like he used to as a self appointed member of the new GB, with a direct conduit to the big girl in the sky and special knowledge of all things scripture and prophecy - where all those before him were wrong and he was right and we should all listen to him and his sageness.

    I will take his belief in ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties and thing-ies that go bump in the night any day over that. Progress Cofty. Progress.

  • nicolaou

    Simon mentioned the late, great Tommy Cooper but failed to speak the name of his evil counterpart. The diabolical little troll who called Cooper "a very ordinary magician".

    I've no doubt that Paul Daniels is the spawn of Satan that Cold Steel is asking about.



    "Demons" = Good.

    "Jehovah" thought-form = Bad.

    That's really all you need to know. There is no such thing as evil spirits.

    BTW, I knew a very talented "Brother" who was D'fd for "magic." His family experienced many horrible things. Not because of magic, but because the WTBTS are friggin morons. His Dad was removed as an Eldub, because his son was a "magician." LOL!!

    If you really want to "know" what's true, start experimenting yourself. Why should anyone have to rely on the opinions of others? Trust me, no "Almighty God" is going to smite you.


  • sowhatnow

    Ive rarely seen magic shows, but I wonder, has a magic trick ever harmed anyone? if not, then it cant be from the devil right? as the devil seeks to do damage. I was unaware that the devil wants to entertain humans with tricks, to wow us. Now, casting a spell, lol, that's different I suppose. but thats from a mean person, who I guess is supposed to have the devils help. but if you believe in magic, and the devil, then you cant believe in evolution right?

    I have seen the one Magic couple , where the woman is changing outfits in seconds behind the sheet or whatever, and wow they are good. I dont get it. lol.

  • talesin

    BOC, Randi is great (may he RIP) ... I referred a friend to the site just yesterday.

  • cappytan
    Occam's Razor says evil spirits. Definately.

    Now you're just trolling....or incredibly delusional. Alternatively, you could also have no idea what Occam's Razor means, but you just throw it out there to make yourself sound smart.

  • Petraglyph
    @talesin James Randi is very much alive!
  • Petraglyph
    His claims are based on his observation that the tricks would be impossible to do unless the magicians had made unholy pacts with the Devil.

    His claims are based on his lack of knowledge of how magicians perform their illusions!

    I'm not generally in favour of exposing methods but in this context it seems appropriate. You may be interested to take a look at this series that exposes how many magic tricks are performed.

    Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

    I've been a fan of magic since I was a kid. My father had a book that explained some stage magic and I've always had a fascination with the methods used. To my recollection there is only one illusion I have seen for which I don't have a workable explanation of the method.

    I can very assuredly assert that NO magic tricks require anything other than the skill of the magician and equipment, and I would assert that anyone could perform the illusions if they had the knowledge, dexterity, and equipment. Stage craft and artistic flair are another matter though.

    While I'm on the topic I'll share with you two of my favourite card trick performances. Note that it's not just about the skill of the magician, it's about the performance and how the magician involves and engages the audience. It's not about fooling people and making them feel stupid, it's about evoking and sharing an experience of childlike wonder. There's an art to that!

    Tommy Wonder

    Jonathan Kamm

    Enjoy! :)

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