Concealed carry Dubs

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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    You must have been in the South. At our Local Buisness Chamber Meeting hosted by our Chief of Police, he ask”How many here are Gun owners?”, Every Hand went up. And he said: “I feel very safe now “.

  • sir82

    I think the official position is, if you are required to carry a gun as a condition of your employment (security guard, police) you can't have "special privileges" (elder, pioneer, etc.). But there is no judicial action taken.

    Same idea would carry for keeping firearms for the purpose of self-defense, I imagine. But anyone who wants to do so would not be dumb enough to tell the elders about it, so unless someone actually has to use a gun in self-defense (and thus it becomes public knowledge), it's kind of a "don't ask don't tell" situation.

    Few countries are as pro-gun as the US. But in the US, I suspect there are a lot of "don't ask don't tell" folks who keep firearms for self defense.

  • Done

    I had a concealed carry permit for much of my adult JW life. During non jw stuff I almost always had something on me. Never had it in the car when meeting for field service -law where I am says if stopped by police the first thing you have to say is I have a permit and a weapon. Never wanted to say that with a bunch of Uber jws in the car as most every car I've ever owned had windows tinted too dark and I could be stopped at any time.

    My guns were highly frowned upon in the KH, I was spoken to multiple times and questioned about my reasons for owning. My answer was always 'i enjoy target practice'. None of their damn business if I and why I sleep with a Taurus Judge next to my pillow or not.

    Now that I'm out of the JW world I carry absolutely everywhere I legally can.

  • silentbuddha
    None of their damn business if I and why I sleep with a Taurus Judge next to my pillow or not

    I also have a taurus judge, it is my trail gun as well as the gun I choose as self defense. There is NOTHInG like having a handgun that chambers shotgun shells as well as .45 LC ammo.

    Prepared for every situation.

  • Done

    Owned it for over a year before finally have the time to get to the range and shoot it. Really can't decide which were more fun, the 410 or the 45's. Burnt through a bunch of both that day!

  • silentbuddha

    I had the same issue, lol. So I ended up chambering both ... I ultimately realized I like the .45 long colt more.

    It is such fun at the range.

  • RubaDub

    I know someone who puts a handgun in his bookbag for meetings and FS. However, he lives in South Carolina where doing so isn't out of the ordinary.

    BoC ...

    I bet you could place a lot more magazines if you flashed the gun while giving your presentation.

    Also, yes, there are States like that in the South that do things and consider them normal like marrying your cousin. You go to a family reunion and everyone has the same last name.

    Rub a Dub

  • scruffmcbuff

    Sorry for a long reply I was unable to log in tell now (thought id been banned for my profanity turns out my browser was the issue)

    Thanks for all your replies I found it extremely intersting!

    Stan: I cant give a single reason other then I simply fell in love with the country!

  • Vidiot

    I'd heard of "concealed carry" JWs up here in Canada a couple times when I was growing up.

    The concept always seemed weird to me, and I figured that if it was true, it couldn't help but end badly.

  • Vidiot
    RubaDub - "...there are States like that in the South that do things and consider them normal like marrying your cousin..."

    Actually, I think I heard somewhere that cousin-marriage is illegal in more Southern states than Northern.

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