October 1, 2017 TO ALL BOE IN NIGERIA Re: Local Needs For the Week of October 16-22

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  • darkspilver

    slimboyfat: Darksilver I know it is available at avoidjw

    yes, and wifibandit publicily said he got it from avoidjw - avoidjw appears to be the source of the letter for wifibandit

    slimboyfat: You suggest I should read about Nigerian English. Is that an oblique way of saying you believe the letter is genuine?

    no, just highlighting that what a western native English speaker like myself might consider to be a "linguistic corruption" can be viewed as being acceptable in other countries.

    Compared to other PDFs of letter purporting to come from the Nigerian Bethel, the OP doesn't look right - maybe because it has been very much locally produced.

    A lot has been 'picked-up' by others on this thread - but I don't think the following has?.....

    One thing I noted very quickly was the word spacing and lack of word-breaks - the WT style is such that they will often break words over two lines with a hyphen - the OP letter, despite being rather long, and with a number of lines that would benefit from a line-break - has NONE.

    This is in contrast with other letters apparently from Nigeria that DO have word-breaks (September 19, 2017 - six line letter, words broken/hyphened on three lines; July 3, 2016 - long two page letter, words broken/hyphened on 15 lines).

    This indicates to me the use of a non-WT standard word-processer/computer set-up, even when compared to other WT Nigerian letters.

    I believe the Nigerian meetings are downloadable from stream.jw.org so it would be relatively easy for someone to view next week's meeting part and see if the principles of the letter are included, or not.

  • slimboyfat

    So can we agree there are grounds to think the letter is, at the very least, suspect?

    How can we determine if letters in general are genuine in such situations?

    And if we can't make a clear determination, doesn't it call into question ALL such letters?

    I think it's a very stupid move, whoever would do this.

    Yet the impulse to forgery has a long and tenacious history in all human affairs. Some people create forgeries for no greater reason than the satisfaction of pulling it off. They can be the most difficult to identify because they have no obvious agenda or motive.

  • steve2

    Well yes SBF, it's wise to be skeptical.


    one bro who served there before as a missionary told me that they are so poor to steal KH assets and also they used to eat memorial symbols bread and wine before the memorial so that some brothers had to keep their eyes on it.

    I think no one care about this letter lol..

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