Independent Catalonia

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  • mikeflood

    It's a deja vu from Matthew..."For nation shall rise against nation.....". Seriously, I don't think so. It seem that periods of instability occur around the world periodically. Since the Arab Spring to Brexit and Trumpism people want change. I think that if some population have 'individual identity', like their own language and want self governance should be allowed to be independent. It's just that the state-nation as we known it doesn't always is the best, that it needs to be flexible..... What about the We the People...comments?

  • scratchme1010

    Other than I agree, no further comments.

  • smiddy3

    Isn`t self determination what most ethnic communities want ?

    And the powers that be are generally reluctant to give it ?

    Granted it will be interesting to see what develops here and to what effect it will have on other communities wishing to self Govern .

  • oppostate

    Sending in the Guardia civil to beat up unarmed civilians was a disgrace. How does Madrid expect people to agree with the Spanish National laws and constitution when these support such abuse of human rights? Rajoy is showing his true fascist color!

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    "I think that if some population have 'individual identity', like their own language and want self governance should be allowed to be independent."

    I remember that people in the region of Cornwall (S.W. UK) wanted some kind of independence from the rest of the UK.

    Question: Where do you draw the line when every other group of people in a country wants "independence" from its central government?

  • AverageJoe1

    La Guardia Civil didn’t beat up the civilians; that was their own Mossos (Català police).

  • mikeflood

    The 'population involved' need to really be unified in its purpose to be independent. Like Israel, decades lobbying, then it was the sacrifices of the armed struggle....I mean the old boys of the existing nation-states don't like competition so much. It shoul be a peaceful and civilized process...but usually isn't.

  • sir82

    I think the pro-independence Catalans are being idiots.

    Sure, they comprise the wealthiest region of Spain - they also benefit from being part of the larger nation, not the least of which is membership in the EU.

    An independent Catalunya would never be admitted to the EU - who would they trade with, Cuba?

    It's not like they are being repressed by being part of Spain - they already had a huge degree of autonomy.

    Actually, most polls indicate that the majority there wish to remain part of Spain.

    Sheesh - it's like the whole world has caught some kind of intestinal virus and got crazy with fever. Hopefully it is just a temporary illness.

  • Fisherman
    Guarda Civil

    Years ago, I found myself on the NW part of Iberia. Walking down the street, I briefly stopped to look inside the glass storefront of a local shop when I was immediately detained by a plain clothes armed man identifying himself as Gardua Civil who accused me of being a Basque terrorist. I was in schock, all I did was to look inside the glass pane into the store. I was with a relative when he stopped me. Now, I am a white guy, blonde hair and my relative is a mountain of a man, red hair, measuring almost 7 feet tall and spoke excellent Spanish -we look nothing like the Basques. In a couple of minutes he figured out we were harmless. He started to laugh, shook our hands and invited us to the "Cafe" which was actually a very fancy Sports Bar. He ordered for us food and drinks non-stop and totally refused that we pay for anything. We were there for a couple hours. (I talked nothing about JW.) The Spaniard police officer turned around what would be remembered as a bad experience into a very fond memory. Where in Europe or where in the world would an encounter with law enforcement turn out so pleasant? --Only in Spain.

    I noticed that the people of Spain look like the French, mostly European looking except in the NW; Here people look more like the Scandanavian and German. Some of the men had facial features of someone that just got off an old Viking ship. But I've been told that anyone that can prove ancestry from Spain can enjoy citizenship and its benefits, thus the demographics of Spain is changing with a lot of immigration from South America. The country is very nice and the people are very sincere.

  • Splash

    This is a fulfillment of Daniels image, the feet of iron and clay.

    It can only mean one thing - Armageddon is close!

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