Will Donald Trump Be Impeached Before His Term Ends?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think it is pretty easy to see why Russia would want to see Trump get elected because that would spell trouble for the American democratic system when a mad man get elected to power he has no idea what to do accept followed flawed narcissistic patterns of lying, and make up stuff to prove your a winner and not a loser.

    Get a guy like Trump president who is easy to manipulate because of his narcissistic world view and force him into one humiliation after another using his narcissistic rage to lead him like a ring on the nose of a bull.

    Think that is exactly why, but I could be wrong, Trump definitely brings to light some flaws in the system we have for who can be a candidate for president. And the need of a proper education and psychological mental health for the sake of the country's well being. Especially to such a high office as President some kind of qualification must be met with complete transparency to keep nut cases like this from even thinking of running.

  • grassyknoll07

    He will be re-elected in another electoral college landslide. The media will blame ______ for the loss. A bunch of smug liberals will cry and be forced to their "safe areas". Oh; the rest of us will enjoy it all over again; while waiting for the idiots to keep their promise of moving to Canada.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Trump wants a House and Senate investigation of NBC news over news leaks, he also release a memo that he has met with the intelligence agency and that the report show it had no influence over the election a blatting lie, I'm thinking impeachment is just around the corner. This guy is making one blunder after another he is so used to lying to the American public he will never last very long before being impeached on something. A guy like DT have a very strong Default Mode Network in his brain which is not a good thing for mental health especially all this lying about what he's going to do if he becomes president is stretching his limited narcissistic brain power to the breaking point so I expect lots and lot of blunders by the ego driven maniac.


  • Stealth

    Someone in the CIA will eliminate him.

  • DJS

    This is what you get when one of the world's (galaxy's? universe's?) biggest narcissists gets elected to the position of being the most powerful man on earth.

    I thought he would act and sound more rational when he won the GOP primary. Boy, was I wrong. I thought maybe there was a chance he would act and speak more rationally when he was elected. Man, was I ever wrong.

    So it isn't likely he will change anything about his behavior when he actually becomes president (his disrespect for the current prez, before he has taken office, is historic).

    He is disrespecting experts who have spent their lives in a discipline - sort of like so many on this site who make definitive, dismissing statements about topics and experts for which they have zero education, zero knowledge and zero experience. Trump, the egocentric conspiracy theorist that he is, thinks he can say and do whatever he pleases to disregard West Point and Annapolis grads with decades of experience in global military/intelligence experience.

    His level of disrespect, narcissism and ego slay me. Even I thought that somewhere inside that idiot's brain was a rational person. I don't think there is. Having said that, I'm still pulling for him. He has an opportunity to do great things, but he won't accomplish anything by dismissing people with as much ego as his.

    As Stealth says above, don't think for a second these men and women he is dismissing and dishonoring won't make him pay for it.

    Hold on for the ride. It will be bumpy.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    That my first thought too but the more I think about it would just be quicker and easier to just let nature run it course and let congress take care of him because it is going to happen.

  • Finkelstein

    Remember when he said the election system orchestrated by the Democrat party in Washington is rigged.

    I wonder what would happen under further investigation that revealed he knew of what the Russia hackers were doing and his campaign mangers and they took that information themselves.

    Could this be enough to proceed with impeachment hearings ???


    Someone in the CIA will eliminate him.....Stealth


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  • DJS


    Take your meds. And develop some self control.

  • Finkelstein

    The election of DT makes one wonder if we are going to experience a US presidential assassination like JFK or the attempt on R. Reagan ?

    I cant remember seeing a person as hated and controversial as this being put into the White House ???

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