You wake up one morning and see

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    You wake up one morning and see

    The UN has banned religion. What are you're thoughts?.....A believer

    Try Reality..

    You wake up one morning and see:

    Your Old..

    Your JW Parents are Dead..

    Many of your JW Family and Friends are Dead..

    None of WatchTowers Predictions have Come true..

    What are you're thoughts?.....A believer

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  • tepidpoultry
  • tepidpoultry
  • Finkelstein

    The UN has banned religion. What are you're thoughts?

    I would then jump onto my pink unicorn and ride into town shouting Armageddon is coming, Armageddon is coming

  • dubstepped

    The end is to come like a thief in the night and catch people off guard, the day nor the hour that anyone knows, isn't that what the scriptures say? Only doomsday groups like Jehovah's Witnesses spend their time trying to predict the end with guesses as to the timelines, and are proven to be wrong over and over and over again like the false prophets that they are.

  • baker

    Rome banned the bible! Soooo didn't work.

  • schnell

    The UN banning religion would have as much success as if it tried to ban McDonalds.


    Ha! I never thought of it that way.

    Let's see how we would feel if the UN banned stuff.

    What if the UN banned alcohol?

    What if the UN banned automobiles?

    What if the UN banned hate speech?

    What if the UN banned all positions except missionary?

    What if the UN endorsed all other positions and banned missionary?

    What if the UN banned stinky pewy things that smell bad?

    What if the UN didn't ban but sanctioned religions that violate their Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

  • schnell

    While we're at it, the Watchtower has made a pretty specific prediction as to just how this will happen. They could've taken a hint from fortune tellers and stayed vague, but I guess it doesn't matter. They're already false prophets as it is.

    Another thing: If Jehovah was going to put it into their hearts, wouldn't that mean taking away their supposed free will? If so, why hasn't he done that already?

  • kairos

    I hope Trump boots the UN from the USA just so the JWs lose their collective minds.

    Maybe the 7th King is the King of the North and the 8th king ( UN ) is the Assyrian and apostates are the King of the South, too...

    JWs steal lives.
    Recover what's left of yours while you still can.

  • JWdaughter

    What if they say "the end is just around the corner!" "There is only a short time left. . .it is a matter of weeks or months, not years " What if they said Jesus had already returned. . .but changed the date plus said it was "invisible" ? What if your religion keeps blowing smoke up your backside? Will you ever recognize you've been conned repeatedly? Or will you keep thinking you have "the best way of life" so all the falsehood is therefore justified?

    What if. . .indeed?

    The UN hasn't banned religion. Your religion is conning you and should be banned. It's a scam.

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