You wake up one morning and see

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  • A Believer
    A Believer

    The UN has banned religion. What are you're thoughts?

    Also changes to it seem to be on the way...

  • Crazyguy

    Sweet!!! Religion has caused so much death and despair!!!

  • scratchme1010
    I's correct, in the name of religion a lot of people has gotten away with causing death and despair. A Believer, that's nonsense.
  • respectful_observer

    Ha! Highly unlikely. You think Trump voters got wound up over immigration and feared that Obama was going to steal their guns? Try taking their Bibles and see what happens.

    Even if the UN tried, let's face it-- it's the UN. The biggest, most bloated, least effective bureaucratic body on the planet. How many countries blatently ignore UN mandates left and right? The UN banning religion would have as much success as if it tried to ban McDonalds.

  • schnell

    For posterity:

    The UN, through UNESCO, protects ancient religious sites like Stonehenge as heritage sites.

    Trump (‚ÄĚPresbyterian, that's as middle of the road as you can get") is a Republican elected by Christians and allied with Putin, president of mostly Orthodox Russia, who is also allied with Assad, president of vastly Muslim Syria.

    You're betting on a horse that isn't even in the race.

  • Christophoros

    "Jehovah's Witnesses link to UN queried

    Sect accused of hypocrisy over association with organisation it has demonised.

    Stephen Bates, religious affairs correspondent

    Monday 8 October 2001 23.42 BST

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    The United Nations is being asked to investigate why it has granted associate status to the Jehovah's Witnesses, the fundamentalist US-based Christian sect, which regards it as the scarlet beast predicted in the Book of Revelation... "

  • Magnum

    I literally wasted the prime of my life waking up every morning hoping to see that. My wife is witness to the fact that I lived for it. I would come home from work or service and watch Dan Rather on CBS (back in the 80's) and hope to hear news of talk of peace and security or news of the UN getting disgusted with religion.

    I waited and slaved and waited and slaved and my life slipped away. I'm so jaded now I don't even care. JWdom falsely prophesied and was black and white, objectively wrong. The org said that young people in the sixties would not grow old in this system, that the end would come before the end of the twentieth century, that the end would come before the generation (old definition) died off, etc. All wrong, wrong, wrong. Sorry, cried wolf too many times.

    Even if JWs turned out to be right, a fair, just, reasonable god should not hold me accountable for not believing them now. The evidence against the org is too strong. It's been wrong too many times. The passing of time does not show JWdom more and more to be right, but more and more to be wrong.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I would be like:

    "Nice try, you can't ban ideas. EPIC FAIL"

  • berrygerry
  • exjwlemming

    The UN bans religion? Right! Try taking Bibles away from the ultra-conservative Christians, the Torah from the Jews, and the Koran from the Muslims. Many of these groups are fanatics when they can freely practice their beliefs. They would never allow such a thing. "A Believer" has fully bought into the JW propaganda that had fooled so many of us for so long. It's such a shallow belief that doesn't acknowledge the big picture. It's to be expected from a group of people that just parrot the nonsense that radiates from the GB, uneducated men who might barely qualify to be the town dog catcher...much less God's spokemen on earth today.....yeah...yeah...we all know that Jesus' disciples were ordinary, unlettered men from humble walks of life. It's laughable to compare Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John to Morris, Lett, Splane, Herd, Losch, and the other twits.

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