Dress and Grooming: Sisters In Stilettos?

by Deltron3030 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

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    I think the stilletoes the older generation think of are not the ones we currently see, even on JW women. In fact imho in London you're average girl doesn't look as tarty as your average JW girl at a convention in uber high heels, tight-ish skirts, lots of make-up. Your normal Londoner is far less "done up like a kipper" (as my Grandpa would say).

    heard they crush toes over time. I saw a picture of Michelle Obama's feet, and they were trashed from wearing high heels for decades.

    Michelle is crazy to do that she's so gorgeously tall ( 6 ft I think) with lovely long legs. Absolutely no need for high heels. A tall girl in flats - doesn't get much more stylish than that!

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