JWs line up to have Gov. Body members autograph bibles.

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  • blownaway

    I was watching some of the videos on line and Marc and Cora had one where they said that after Zone talks the Gov body members would autograph bibles. Anyone have any video of this?

  • Atlantis

    Governing Body members sign gift Bibles for public officials, why not
    JW's! ( See bottom of page ).



  • jws

    It's one thing to sign a book that's a gift. Maybe write a note as to why you're giving the gift.

    It's a totally different thing for JWs to want them to sign their own bibles. That's kind of a form of hero-worship that the JWs are supposed to be against.

    *IF* it indeed does happen.

  • steve2

    I think this would be a step too far for JWs...but I'm prepared to look at the evidence that the GB is signing copies of the Bible for rank and file JWs.

  • _Morpheus

    Part of me wants to deny it but after they kissed castros ass and signed bibles for the commies.... i cant doubt it too much.

  • Atlantis

    Exactly! By the way Morpheus: your comment:

    after they kissed castros ass and signed bibles for the commies.... i cant doubt it too much.

    Thank you my friend, I needed a good laugh for today and you came through. ( You can always count on Morpheus to brighten your day! )


  • Finkelstein

    Jesus would approve of men signing bibles with their names and he wouldn't mind people publicly selling his Gospel either, albeit one that is twisted and corrupt like the one the Watchtower sells.

  • charonsdog

    When I was at Bethel (WTF, 1988-9) some friends of mine were visiting and I was able to get them invited for the noon meal. We had a GB visiting at the time (don't remember who), and after the closing remarks, my friends rushed over to have their pictures taken with him, and possibly have their copy of the bible signed. I cannot say for certain that the Bible-signing happened, but I do remember that the hero-worship displayed really bothered me a lot.

  • smiddy3

    Hero / Idol worship of brothers who were considered important in the circuits / assembly`s / conventions goes back a long long way .

    Nothing new here I had seen it often in my 33 years as a witness.

    And passed it off as immaturity of the publishers involved and not giving much thought as to how the recipients of such adoration were basking in their glory as objects of others adoration .

  • joe134cd

    Who would of ever thought they would fly the national flag on the kh in Chile. Signing bibles just wouldn' surprise me.

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