JWs line up to have Gov. Body members autograph bibles.

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  • jws

    Morpheus wrote:

    So far we have evidence that they signed bibles for the godless commies in cuba. The evidence came from their own publications. They bragged about it.
    Im a HUGE proponent of being accurate with criticisms of the org. They signed bibles. Its a fact.

    I know you're a right-winger, so maybe nuance isn't your thing.

    If it's an inscription, that is TOTALLY different. If it says something like "May this book help you as it has me, John Doe" and then you give it to somebody as a gift, that's like a personal message. It's different than a "fan" coming up and saying "can you sign my book"?

    Correct me if I'm wrong. If they signed an inscription to a gift, that's not an issue for anybody, is it? And it's not something the recipient asked for. GB-fans who ask for GB members to sign their book as a form of hero worship is.

    I supposed if you give a kid a birthday card and sign it, you're signing your autograph for a kid? Technically. But there are differences.

  • Atlantis
  • sparrowdown

    Atlantis posted a link to it but there is the shameless photo op we are all familiar with fro the WT.

    I wouldn't think it beneath the current crop of GB fanboys and girls (of which I'd say there are plenty) to ask the current GB members for them to sign their bible (or their bra for that matter) and for the GB to oblige - happily.

  • jws

    Yes Atlantis, another thread that talked about hero worship. And spoke against signing bibles and again showed the Cuban thing.

    But, did the officials say "can you sign that bible you're going to give me". Or did the gift givers sign a personal message. Was it ONLY an autograph or a message too?

    You sign things all the time, I'll bet. When you hand-write a letter, people often sign the end. It's sort of a way of saying "this came from me, here's proof". Even if we type it on the computer and print it, there's often room for a signature at the bottom.

    And people do this all the time. And very few of them are ever asked for their autograph or to sign things. There's a difference.

  • steve2

    Here's what I would love Jehovah to write on the inside cover of my Silver Sword:

    "Dear Steve, I wrote this just for you.

    With Love, Jehovah God."

  • Atlantis

    The above link shows previous comments on this subject. From OUTLAW:

    OUTLAW2 years ago2 years ago

    A very recent Watchtower study (Jan. 2016, p. 27), in the supplemental article “Love ‘Does Not Behave Indecently,’” counselled against making an overt show of idolization toward brothers with high positions in treating them as celebrities or some kind of movie stars. That article asked: “Would we ask them to autograph our books and Bibles?

    God won`t Autograph your Bible..But..

    If your a Cuban Public Official..

    The WBT$ GB "Rock Star" Popes will Autograph Your Bible..



    If it's an inscription, that is TOTALLY different


    Can you show us from Watchtower literature where there is a difference? The Watchtower describes Books and Bibles!


    Why is Morpheus being called a right-winger?


  • Atlantis

    The mere fact that the article exists in the Watchtower in the first place, is because JW's were asking for autographs in their books and Bibles, and the Watchtower wanted it stopped. So they wrote an article to counsel JW's to stop this.

    Those high up in the watchtower are treated like movie stars when they arrive, and still JW's run to get their pictures taken with them.

    JW's make idols out of them.


  • _Morpheus
    Why is Morpheus being called a right-winger?

    Lol because jws is so busy twisting the english language into pretzels trying to define the word autograph that he either cant or wont acknowledge the simple truth and so calls me names he thinks are insulting.

    Btw, jws, my referencing the castros as godless commies isnt because im a christain. As ive said for years, i worship Thor and the old gods. Christianity was attempted to be forced on my people by sword point. I have no love for christains (although no specific hate either). I called them godless commies because they are but also as a way of highlighting the hypocrisy of the cult. These bastards will autograph bibles for the communist dictators of cuba who openly profess no belief in god. They stand against everything the cult believes in and have jailed cult members in cuba for decades but the moment cuba made the slightest gesture that perhaps they would soften the gb pajama boys slobbered all themselves to curry favor with the
    Castros for personal gain. It should be disgusting from their religious pov and its sickening from mine personally.

    So yes they autographed bibles for the godless commies in cuba. No that pov dosent make me a “right winger” nor would it change the fact that they autographed bibles for goddless commie dictators even if i was a “right winger”.

  • jws

    Sorry Atlantis. If you don't know the difference between inscribing a gift and being asked to sign an autograph, I don't know what will help you. I'll try again.

    "Would we ask them to autograph our books and bibles"? is what the article says. Asking somebody to autograph something is different. The photo shows them signing what is referred to as gifts. It does NOT say they were asked to sign them. And it's not unusual to inscribe a book when you give it as a gift.

    Have you ever sent off a Christmas card? Maybe wrote Merry Christmas, maybe some other thoughts, then signed the card? Perfectly normal. The recipient isn't idolizing you. And they aren't asking you to do it.

    On the other hand, how many of these people give you something and say "can you autograph this"? You'd probably feel it's weird if they did. One situation normal, the other weird. Both are signatures, but you'd feel it was something a whole lot different than the Christmas card you sent them. Wouldn't you?

    One is a gift with perhaps a message or thought and your signature to show who it comes from. When you're signing it, you're not thinking the signature is the gift. You aren't thinking "what a great guy I am, I'm giving them my autograph". No. It's the card and the message that's the gift.

    The other (being asked to sign something) is were the signature itself becomes an item of value to the person receiving it. The signature is the gift. Both would have your signature, but there's a big difference. You can't say they're the same thing.

    The watchtower may have had to mention it because people would ask. But there's nothing being shown where they responded to an autograph request. Only that they signed gifts.

    Not saying they never responded to an autograph request. But the Cuba situation is not evidence of such a thing.

    And morpheus is a right-winger. Read his other posts where he's commented on politics. And even look at his reference to Cubans as "godless commies". That sounds to me like an insult a right-winger would level. He could just call them Cubans.

  • Atlantis

    Huddle up so we can have our picture taken with our Governing Body GOD!



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