Help Elders poking nose in

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  • Formerbrother

    I dont want to be DFed.

    I know they lie when they have to and twisat the truth, so sometimes you have to as well

  • Formerbrother

    Some backround about myself and my situation.

    I have recently been betrayed by some elders in my cong.

    They have lost my trust and instead of admitting it and apologising they are trying to offload the blame.

    They are still trying to say its their job to do what they are doing even though I expressly told them not to.

    They are the reason my marriage has failed.

    Im now separated and being made to feel like I brought it all on myself and now all my family and friends who are still in are being told to not have any contact with at all.

    All I have to do is admit to something that is not true and be 'repentant' then accept the discipline that those elders decide for me.

    They keep telling me they are doing this to hep me, and its not a witch hunt, they are not out to get me.. Well it certainly seems that way with all they have done and all they are doing.

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