Creepy things jw's have said to you

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  • purrpurr

    Here's mine: I'm 14 years old, just baptised and a old boy married elder of about 60 odd comes up to me and says " ooooooooooh! "Purrpurr"! Your getting such a lovely figure on you! Oooooooh! I tell you if I was 20 years younger! Oooooh! Yes! Oh! Yes!"

    I really didn't know how to handle this so I just looked at the floor.

    Creepy, if I was 14 and he was 20 years younger that would have made him 40 odd. Still creepy!

  • freemindfade

    "Jehovah doesn't want good people, he wants obedient people"-CO's Wife

    "I wish at the last moment at Armageddon Jehovah plays back for them the times they told us they weren't interested"-Youngish bethelite elder, out in service just after being told nicely by a gentleman he wasn't interested. It was the last time I went out in service a few years ago

    I know there are many more, but those two stand out as jaw droppers.

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    WT comment from a sister "All men want is sex, more sex and homo sex."

    Elder, public talk "Young brothers should stay away from becoming commercial/ graphic artists because their employer may request for them to produce pornographic or even 'soft porn' images"

  • sir82

    Self-righteous ministerial servant, one of those types who is utterly puzzled that he wasn't made an elder at age 18: "Sir82, do you know what it means when a guy wants to hold hands with a girl?"

    Sir82:, "Umm, no?"

    SRMS: "He's really saying, 'I want to have sex with you!!!" "


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    PURRPURR: Lol! My initial reading of this was with the HUGE assumption that you are MALE.

    Read it again with the understanding that you are female.

    Still creepy as hell.


    Self-righteous elder( who never liked me due to myself missing so many meetings,no field service in years,and didn't answer at the meetings) walked in a conversation with my mom. My mom had many health issues but she still didn't miss any meetings. Here is the conversation he walked unto and how disrespectful he was to me in front of my mom.

    My mom: ''Are you coming over this week for a visit?''

    Me : " I will come over sometime this week."

    SELF RIGHTEOUS ELDER: ''MRS. R&R ...You look healthy! And, it's nice to see you at tonight's meeting."

    My mom: " I may look good but have too many health issues. I wish I had my son's health."

    SELF RIGHTEOUS ELDER: " But at least you have more spiritual health than your son!" And the asshole walks away.

  • Defd35
    The creepiest thing ever said to me was by a Penecostal preacher before I became a witness. I was handed a snake and he said "hold this!"
  • brandnew
    I had a girl at the kingdumb hall take a picture of me without me knowing.....except her flash was on......soooo yeah.....weird.
  • Perry

    Circa 1975, an elder stated at the book study that we would be in charge of taming fish in the millennium reign.

    I had a really neat dog at the time. I was 12 and taught her several really interesting tricks. It wasn't easy.

    I couldn't imagine what it might be like to tame fish. Still can't.

  • Dunedain

    I remember the PO's son, one time, when talking about men and woman who were homo sexual, he said, " I dont get it, and why they choose to do that, and be that way, there is NO HOPE FOR THEM, THEY ARE ALL GOING TO DIE".

    When he said this, i was only about 12 years old, but i NEVER forgot that. I even remember exactly where he said it, too. It was in the coatroom in the back of the Kingdom Hall. I always kinda looked up to him, too, as he was a few years older than me. He was probably 18 or 19 years old himself, when he said that. He also came from a very "spiritual family".

    Last i heard, he is now an Elder for many years, and "running" his own congregation. He is very far away from where we grew up in a borough of NYC, in rural West Virginia now. In his mid to late 40's with his own family.

    Years later, i used him, and his statement, as an example of how judgemental, wrong, and UN christ like JW's really are, when discussing things with my Father. My Father totally agreed, and we both said that you couldnt just chalk it up to "one" persons thinking, when the whole ORG, essentially teaches that about "homo sexuals". I said to my Father, that i just cant relate to an organization that mentally beleives that there is no "good" in a huge group of people, and they would, judgementally condemn them to DEATH, just because of a sexual preferance. Personally, i am hetero sexual, and i know MANY AWESOME human beings, that are "gay", or "lesbian", and i LOVE them as the beautiful people i have come to be TRUE friends with. I could never think "they are going to die", like that "brother" said.

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