Creepy things jw's have said to you

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Lawerence Bowen. Gilead instructor to class 119 in 2005, when giving homework for the next day on the first 2 chapters of 2 Kings. "Tomorrow, you are going to learn about the modern day fulfillment of these two chapters that you will find.......... fascinating."

    It was the way he said it. He didn't believe it at all. Almost smirking as he previewed it. Sure enough, that next day, when I was "taught" that Elijah was the prophetic modern day type of Rutherford, and that Knorr equated as a prophetic type to Elisha, and that this was what the first two chapters of 2 Kings was really about, it was then, in class, that I uttered to myself for the first time "This isn't the truth." (Still went to Africa anyway, confused as hell)

    I wonder if in 10 years, GB 3.0 will say that 2.0 was prophecied as Judas... That'd be a fun WT study...

  • AllTimeJeff

    PS. That was creepy to me because it was the first time I sensed higher ups didn't believe this shit. I realize that's not the point of this thread.

    As far as "creepy" stuff, I can think of elder meetings and JCs where "what were you wearing at the time" and "Were you penetrated in any way" were asked of poor scared women who were indoctrinated to believe that we elders had their best interests at heart. So disgusting what these dirty old men got away with, and the harm that was inflicted.

  • flipper

    Things JW's have said to me that are creepy ?

    A JW former friend of mine said when I told him of the 16 out of court child abuse settlements in California by the WT Society in 2007 he stated, " You know Flipper the news media is ALWAYS talking negative about Jehovah's Witnesses and making stories up persecuting us. " I asked him, " Is the news media making up stories about Baptist church child abuse cases, Mormon or Catholic child abuse cases too ? " He was just quiet. I said, " Maybe there is actual truth to the news stories. Why do you have a persecution complex " ? I asked him. Silence.

    My daughter back in 2008 told me, " Dad, I can't understand HOW you can be so happy since you don't attend meetings anymore since you stopped in 2003 ? " She continued, " I would just be devastated if I stopped attending meetings and be really sad ! " I told her , " I have a lot to be thankful for : good health, a caring and loving wife, grow an organic garden, nice pets, nice place to live , good relationships - why wouldn't I be happy " ? She was just quiet on the other end of the phone. Really strange.

    Another JW elder friend I used to be close to back in 2009 told me this when I explained to him my doubts about the " overlapping generation " WT theory when I told him that in secular dictionaries the definition of the word " generation " denoted a period of about 30 years. His response ? He said, " Yeah but Flipper that's a WORLDLY dictionary's definition of " generation " - the Bible has a different definition. "

    You just can't win with these people I swear. They won't reason beyond their front nose. So those are several experiences I had

  • Distracted

    A few years ago I brought up to my Mom that the Watchtower owned stock in the Rand corporation and you could find them listed on the Web as stockholders. She just said the stock must have been donated and changed the conversation.

    I thought to myself, I could see them accepting it, but holding on to it is a different matter. If my Mom had inherited stock in the Rand corporation, she would worry herself to death about it, not wanting to offend God or anyone in the org --but she can just excuse the org. just like that.


    At the time I said that, there was some information on the web about it and a link to shareholders where the WTBS was listed. I know it is controversial.

  • brandnew

    I totally dig.....jw chicks who have sex.....

    Yes pun intended ☺

  • Divergent

    There is a brother in the cong I attend who has the awkward tendency to bring up sex related matters in his talk... even though that is usually irrelevant & out of the topic! He just finds a way to slot it in (try not to think dirty here)

    Anyway, after some time, a nearby cong requested our cong NOT to send this brother over as a speaker to their cong anymore! The brother does not refer to sex as much as he used to in his talks now. I think he got the message

  • DarioKehl

    I knew a guy just like that, Divergent! He always had stories or illustrations that included naked or topless women--even if they weren't essential elements to the plot. lol

    my creepy story: I was mid-20s, MS, pioneer goody 2-shoes. My mom--not bad looking. She had a part on the circuit assembly. When it was over & everyone was visiting & making plans, this really creepy guy in his mid-30s approached me. I'd known this guy most of my life, but he wigged everyone out with his strange, dark behavior. He walked right up to me and said, "wow. your mom looks good! if your dad ever dies, i will ask her out."

  • possum
    An uber anointed brother told my teenage daughter that any sexual act outside of marriage is "sensed" by the "demons" and they get energy from it.
  • Phaedra

    Really the whole mindset of JWs is twisted. Spent lots of time in car groups where it seemed the only way to cope with the ongoing rejection was to visualize the just desserts of householders at Armageddon. Taking their nice houses after the fact seemed passive aggressive, and when you believe you're supposed to be the happiest people in the world, the behavior makes sense.

    Not creepy, but the elder who made a point of telling us about the pagan roots of knotted pretzels... and to be sure we broke them before eating them (=bad if we didn't). Bet he didn't touch a fortune cookie with a ten-foot pole.

    I still can't look at pretzels like a normal person.

  • Finkelstein

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