Creepy things jw's have said to you

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  • WingCommander

    May 1984:

    "The Generation of 1914 will not die....................."

  • purrpurr
    Thanks all for those excellent posts. Just to clarify, I'm not 14 anymore, that happened many years ago and the creepy old boy has been dead for a decade. And yes I'm female lol!
  • Ding

    Elder: "My service to Jehovah isn't tied to a date." (This said in 1976 after spending the previous several years hyping 1975.)

    CO: "Even if it wasn't the truth, can you think of a better way to live?" (Actually, yes. I think it would be far better to stop spending one's life getting indoctrinated with and preaching falsehood.)

  • PlatinumFix
    When I first read the OP I thought he literally purr'd at you and then realised that was your username lol
  • Londo111

    When I was a teenage, an elder took it upon himself to warn me that some young guys at school might get together in a circle and well, you can probably fill in the rest. He asked if I'd ever heard of anyone doing that. Well, I was a relatively sheltered kid, I'd never heard or even conceived of such a thing.

  • scaredtospeak

    I've had quite a few creepy things said to me. Mostly by elders and older ministerial servants. I'm a 19 year old female.

    A year back or so I was reproved for smoking weed and having sex, but the elders also talked to me about the way I dress for meeting.

    I would just like to say that there are many young women in my hall (and older women!) who wear THE SAME THINGS as me. but the elders have continued to pester me about it. And you know what they always say?

    "We need to keep the young men in our hall looking in the right places."

    or, "We don't need you driving the young men in this hall crazy."

    the worst part of it is that I know they're staring at my body and it gives me the absolute creeps.

  • goingthruthemotions

    i was out on service with a older person in the congo, he was jobless, but only because he didn't want to work i guess. not sure.

    well anyways, walking by a nice house in service...he pointed to a huge house on the hill and said "when armagedon come, i am moving into that house"

    i know that many have heard this comment before....but, when you hear it the first time. i was like WTF.

    My first thought was, how insensative you are. this is the same person who kinda started opening my eyes about the troof.

    again we were out in circus and he asked me " why do the partaker numbers keep going up?". it got me to think. yep, it was the first crack in the vase.

  • enigma1863

    I almost said something inappropriate one time. A sister mentioned how guys are lucky, they only have to shave one part of there body.

    She mentioned the legs and arm pits but my mind went a different direction.

  • Distracted

    I was trying to explain to a couple of elders (shepherding visit) how depressed I felt. One of them said I "deserved a spanking." He meant it as a grandfatherly thing, I think, but it still creeped me out. Since I was old enough to have teen-aged kids at the time, I also felt I had been demeaned and also that it was highly inappropriate due to the nature of what I was telling them. I could tell it made the other elder uncomfortable, but he didn't do anything to stop the other one from lecturing me and making me feel worse. I never did get to tell them what was really bothering me.

  • Oubliette

    Londo: When I was a teenage, an elder took it upon himself to warn me that some young guys at school might get together in a circle and well, you can probably fill in the rest.

    Well that elder was a real jerk!

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