New Jehovah Witness Convert

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  • Bad_Wolf

    He must not be very spiritual, look at that beard!!! And you are successful? Didn't you sell your businesses yet, give up your good job to become a window washer and donate all your surplus and retirement funds to the GB??

  • ShirleyW
  • steve2

    He has a beard and a bow tie - both No Nos in Jw land. Yet he says he was recently baptised? Sure Eddie we believe you! Honest.

    I hope he is also bi. Unlike JWs, I love beards, bow ties, baptisms and bi's.

  • darkspilver

    steve2: He has a beard and a bow tie - both No Nos in Jw land

    depends where they are - and which congregation they're in - it's not b/w - bow ties are generally ok, well apart from comedy or spinning ones (!) (see my post about the CO/DO/Bethelite above) and beards are cool for publishers, MSs and Elders in some congregations, though unlikely to be asked to do assembly/convention items.

    Of course, that's not to say there aren't some weird congregations out there that seem to ban everything and anything (!) - apparently some congregations only allow guys on the platform if they're wearing a white shirt.... and the OP is wearing a white shirt....

  • lookout

    deegee, it's Eddie M. Fernandez. Malcolm's in the middle.

  • sparrowdown

    Steve 2 - Strange but true, in the latest broadcast there is a bowtie guy, and I think it's one of the videos from the convention a bowtie guy also. Seems like bowties have Jehovah's approval now.

  • Eddie Fernandez
    Eddie Fernandez

    I dontt know what to say reading all this comments, its fine

    read all comments, i would say thanks to everyone


  • smiddy3

    Stick around Eddie ,whether you were genuine or not their is still a lot to learn here about the JW religion.


    Seems like something an ex wife would post...complete with phone

  • midnight

    JW,S wear both beards and bow ties in UK not really a big issue

    take down your number though !

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