New Jehovah Witness Convert

by Eddie Fernandez 41 Replies latest social relationships

  • sparky1

    I never knew bow ties were not 'approved' witness apparel. Since I was 15 years old I mostly wore bow ties to the meetings, out in service and on assembly programs. When I was a Bethelite, sometimes I would fill in on the waiter crew. I was allowed to wear all manner of colorful bow ties until some 'tight ass' Bethel Elder 'reminded' me that all Bethel waiters wear a BLACK bow tie only. In fact, at my going away party from my congregation, I was given a large hand made bow tie mounted on a plaque with the following inscription: "I will not put my trust in my bow" - Psalms 44:6.

  • Vetiver

    Are Witnesses allowed to have beards and bow ties now?

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