New Jehovah Witness Convert

by Eddie Fernandez 41 Replies latest social relationships

  • fulano

    That proves the cult only attracts looners nowadays.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    in the highly unlikely event fast eddie makes another appearance here--i strongly suggest he edits his post to delete his phone number. otherwise he might be inundated with calls from desperate looney single jw females. or is that what he wants ?

    probably a born in--knows there are lots of middle aged jw virgins looking for an eligible bro.

  • ToesUp


    Do you own a boat? If so, please send picture. Lol

  • darkspilver

    stan livedeath: i strongly suggest he edits his post to delete his phone number

    FWIW the phone number appears to be for a land line in Kansas City, Kansas, rather than the OP's Lexington, Kentucky....

  • pale.emperor

    Also, Eddie, it's Jehovah's Witness. Not Jehovah Witness.

    Might be worth remembering that, otherwise people might think you're not really a JW.

  • fokyc

    Hello Eddie, For a start you can remove the 'bow tie'.

    I had to stop using one when I was attending a UK congregation, not allowed, never found out why.

    Best of luck with your romantic intentions.

  • Chook

    Eddie first of all you better shave your beard if you want a larger female Jw audience, secondly you have arrived ( according to wt ) a satans temple here . I just want to inform you that you can't be a Christian if Jesus is not your mediator, you might be surprised to learn according to Jw teachings Jesus is not your mediator. Good luck on your endeavours to find a women.

  • punkofnice
  • Giordano

    Eddie your a handsome looking guy and I am puzzled why at this point in your life your not working on your 2nd marriage.

    Unfortunately you have joined a death Cult so the issue may be your judgment.

    Do you remember Jonestown? Where over 900 people drank the kool-aid. Well the JW's needlessly kill off more believers each and every year then Jonestown. Each and every year since 1945.

    They also teach that non JW's will be killed at Armageddon..... we are talking about seven Billion plus innocent men, women, children and the unborn.

    You have joined a very sick religion that serves no real purpose. It started as a publishing house, now a real estate holding company.

    It's really a corporation with religious beliefs mostly based on the Adventist religion.

    Look it up.......... see for yourself.

  • EverApostate

    Hello Eddie, Sorry I am suspicious that you are even a Baptized JW as you claim. I say this because you might have been very well brainwashed by the JWs that you shouldn't have any blog posting activities.

    A new dedicated JW convert would be quite busy and enthralled in his JW activities, like a kid opening presents on a Christmas day - and not posting anything like this. And if this is your post-baptism picture, I don't think your elders would allow for a beard.

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