Should I do this?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    You asked, "...should I say I just genuinely don’t believe in a god?"

    No! Avoid the subject! If you can't avoid the subject, LIE! There is no sin in doing so, because - as you have already concluded - there is NO ONE to sin against!

    "Do as thou wilt is the law..."

  • Spiral

    Hi CS79, you are on the right track. Welcome to your new life! If your immediate family are no longer JWs, that's a huge advantage already. I get that you don't want to lose uncles or cousins, but only time will tell how strong that bond is. YOU need to think of yourself first.

    And speaking of thinking, please don't trash yourself (in a totally JW cult way) by describing your current or future life as immoral. You said "I'm not leading an immoral life at this point." Wait - it's your life, don't judge what you do by the bOrg's standards. That will really mess with your head. If you work at deleting the damaging cult programming, you will be so much better off!

    Some good advice you already got on this site:

    john.prestor I get it, he's your uncle and you want to trust the guy. And I'm not saying you shouldn't trust him. But if he's an elder and the elders want to meet up he's acting on their behalf unless you know otherwise. I wouldn't do it, but I get why you might.

    Be careful, and don't be manipulated into explaining anything. You don't owe anyone an explanation about why you believe what you believe.

    Giordano Did you see the movie The Godfather or any gangster movie where one side wanted to put out a hit on someone? When they could........... they recruited that victim's close friend or a cooperating family member to set them up. I know this is a bit of a stretch but it's a good way to remember to be on your guard if a 'friend' wants to meet with you.

    I actually think Giordano's on to something. Be careful, and don't meet with anyone if you don't want to.

    Stan livedeath "my family (both sides) are well known in our circuit and very dedicated to the truth. "

    nope--it aint the truth. its merely a high control scam masquerading as a religion.

    if any one man elder wants to visit--and starts asking nosey questions--just say you had a very bad experience as a child with an elder--but you cant do anything about it because of the " 2 witness " wont see him again--for dust.

    I think Stan's on to something too... this would definitely put an elder off balance, these days.

    Big picture message is that it's your life, go live it the way you want! You don't owe any more precious time to anyone in the bOrg.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Hi there CS79;

    There is a wonderful new Susan Gaskin video out on youtube.

    She hits on some really strong points. I suggest you check it out.

  • ohnightdivine

    Play the "just tired and depressed" card. No need to mention your doubts about your faith or the organization IF you are not yet prepared to have your ties severed with your family members.

    You'll do fine.



  • smiddy3

    Welcome CS79 this is a great place to be to help you with sound advice.

    JW`s have no qualms about using theocratic warfare so turn the tables and use it on them .They don`t need to know or for that matter have any right to know how you really feel about the religion ,the GB,whether god is directing the Org.or anything ,

    What you believe or don`t believe is your business and not anybody else`s .

    Be evasive and non committal in answering any questions you do not have to be truthful if its going to be against your own interests.

    Spiral sums it up quite well using other posters answers,and do not admit anything.

    I wish you all the best

  • DesirousOfChange

    I wont criticise the org but should I say I just genuinely don’t believe in a god?

    After everything said prior to this dumbass question, you ask this dumbass question?

    I'm afraid you're a slow learner and you don't have a chance even against a window-washer Elder. You better just stay away because I doubt you can STFU.

  • CivilServant79

    Hi there guys. I’m blown away with all your responses. Thanks all of you so much.

    The reasons why I’m not sure to do is that I was very dedicated to the religion and was nearly a servant at 18 and pioneered etc. My mum avoided her meetings with the elders like your recommending me to do but was DFd anyway.

    To DesirousofChange - I was thinking of saying that the depression is making me cynical re a god etc I wear my heart on my sleeve

    you cant get DFd for a lack of faith?

    I’m very very close to my witness family and for example when someone’s depressed over the course of a year they maybe go to one or two meetings if they have days they’re feeling better. But I won’t be going back again so it will get to a point surely where they’ll know it’s not just the depression and I’m kind of getting to that point.

  • nonjwspouse

    CS, if you say you don't believe in God then it follows you don't believe in the FDS or Governing body and BOOM you're out.

    Much of the advice you got said to claim depression and that you are working on it between Jehovah and yourself. Thank them for their kindness and you know where they are when you are ready.

    If you say much more than that you on track to be questioned more and then...well... you know.

    If you can move away, many posts here say that is the fastest way to fade out entirely.

    I wish you the best.

  • Giordano
    I'm afraid you're a slow learner and you don't have a chance even against a window-washer Elder. You better just stay away because I doubt you can STFU.

    Well DOC that seems to be your problem as well.

    Folks this was her second response to our answers and suggestions ..... we piled on a lot of stuff about how to exit the JW's. How to deal with her Uncle. Maybe she got a tad overwhelmed.

    Hence: "Can't I just tell him I don't believe in God".........

    So according to DOC she doesn't get to ask that question of us amid the back and forth?

    Sometimes we get all filled up trying to be clever about how to exit the JW world usually because we are trying to be helpful and help a person avoid loss of family and friends...being shunned etc.

    It is right of her to bring that question up as it is at the heart of her leaving the JW's....... in fact it is at the heart of most everyone who leaves.

    My guess is she just wants to be left alone by the JW's at this point in her life and hopes to keep a few relationships intact.

  • DesirousOfChange

    you cant get DFd for a lack of faith?

    You can get DFd for ANYTHING the 3 Elders consider to be "brazen conduct". (Such as saying God does not exist.)

    READ READ READ here before you go off half-cocked. You obviously haven't done enough reading here yet. You haven't done your homework yet. Perhaps I incorrectly assume most people have "gawked" here for days/weeks/months before taking the step of posting and asking questions that are so fundamental in the Cult.

    Have you ever read the JW "Organization" Book that those considering baptism are to read? That discusses a lot of the rules (though NOT all) used in matters of counseling and reproving members. It puts a "good spin" on it all and leaves out the dirty tricks.

    You do know there is a "secret" Elders' rule book? Right? Have you downloaded a copy here so you can be aware of how things (are supposed to) work organizationally with the BOE? Download a copy now and read read read it. It puts a "good spin" on things too.

    HERE is where you'll learn the REAL TRUTH. READ READ READ

    DO NOT TRUST ANY JW until you further educate yourself. RIGHT NOW get your BIble and read John 16:2 as that is the situation with which you will be dealing.

    I'll apologize now for my insensitive comment earlier. I'm afraid you're walking blindly to your own slaughter. And really, there is no excuse for being blind to the unloving, inhumane methods of the WTS if you show your hand as no longer being a unquestioning believer of the GODs (Guardians of Doctrine, as the GB has referred to themselves).

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