Evolution and Creation—both are stories!

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  • cofty

    The OP is so muddled it is "not even wrong".

    My reading comprehension is very good but I have not got a clue what your point is and I don't think you do either.

    Creationism is a superstitious delusion.

    Humans evolved from non-human ancestors over millions of years. This is a fact beyond all sensible debate.

    You have never read a science book in your entire life have you?

  • StarTrekAngel

    Is this some kind of talk being spread around in congregations? The funny thing is that a while ago someone tried to make the same argument, saying they could disprove evolution because no one can explain how we evolved male and female at the same time. Not much later than that, a friend of mine (a JW) told me the same thing. I thought either he read the same post or this is going around the congregations as a means to challenge evolution. I know my friend and I know he does not come around this website.

    By the way, not even the sperm in your own testicles are all the same. Much less compared to your father's

  • cofty
    because no one can explain how we evolve male and female at the same time

    I heard that argument from an elder back in the early '80s. Being wilfully ignorant of science at the time I thought it was quite compelling.

  • cofty

    lsw1961 - You are still refusing to answer my question.

    Are you in any way connected to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University or any of its affiliates?

  • Simon

    One is a story, the other is an explanation.

    Isw1961 - it's very clear you are not here to discuss, but simply to preach. So why don't you sod off back to your delusional facebook fest of glib self congratulatory nonsense.

    You belong to one of the least compassionate bunch of hypocritical religious cults around. We're not interested.

  • Finkelstein

    There are number of Nobel Laureates and other great scientists in both the camps defending their respective theories of Evolution and Creation, which means both are just stories, and both suffer from having no eye-witnesses.

    Totally disagree upon this assertion, biological evolution is based from an accumulation and evaluation of practical evidence, hence an eye witness.

    Creation by a supernatural Creator is based from hearsay derived from human ignorance of the world in which we live. There has never been any eye witness to these envisioned supernatural agents told in ancient mythology.

    lsw1961 do you see compassion in the soon to come annihilation of most of humanity by the ancient God of the Hebrews, sold and propagated by the Watchtower Corporation Publishing house ?

    As its known there is little or no compassion for humanity by works of charity by the JWS, rather JWS are just self absorbed in doing what the WTS tells them to do and behave which mostly surrounds distributing the WTS's literature about. Mind you there has been many eye witnesses in abundance to contrived lies and corruption propagated by the WTS in its drive to proliferate the literature it published.

    Everyone is eye witness to the JWS working in subservience to the fear mongering charlatans composed in the Watchtower Organization.

  • Malachi Constant
    Malachi Constant
    If a "story" is something with no hard evidence or something not requiring evidence, then there is a clear differece between creation, for example the ID version, and evolution. If you have an opportunity to visit the science library of a major research university, do that. The evidence for evolution and its confirmed details (new research articles every day) is massive, literally millions of pages. In recent research, for example, the connection between microevolution and macroevolution (check you understand these basic concepts) is studied in controlled laboratory environments. More than a story, that is.
  • OnTheWayOut

    Your logic is like this:

    All left-handed people die, therefore left-handedness is either evil or causes death.

    You leave so many important details out and reach outlandish conclusions.

    So you claim that neither evolution nor creation is true because "all scientists" have not accepted one or the other unanimously.

  • steve2

    I have a hunch lsw1961's OP makes sense to him - but in the attempt to communicate, the message has become a minefield of puzzlement and illogic.

    While I await clarification and/or elaboration, I think this is as good as it gets for that particular point of "view" - if I can call it that.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Interesting thread. I guess a person(like myself) can sometimes only accept to believe what they choose. Whether it's evolution or creation.

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