Suicide in the spiritual paradise all too common

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  • dubstepped

    Whew Phoebe, that was a rough read. Callous bastards! Ugh, it's like trying to talk to my dad, who of course was an elder. Just humans that are dead inside while worshiping their own ego.

    I'm glad you got honest and got help too. :)

  • Phoebe

    Thank you everyone :)

    What we must try and get across to people who we think are having problems is to seek help and be honest, tell your counselor, therapist, psychologist, doctor...tell them everything.

    I know a sister who suffered from severe depression for 15 years. She said she didn't go to the doctor because she didn't want to bring 'reproach on God's name' and she wore that statement like a badge of honour. But for what? The WT are doing a very good job of bringing reproach on the name 'Jehovah' all by themselves.

    I hope if there is anyone on this forum who is reading this and is suffering..please get help. I was helped and I got through it.

    Of course, it goes without saying that during my recovery you all helped me just didn't know it! I owe you all a big hug.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Phoebe says:

    The WT are doing a very good job of bringing reproach on the name 'Jehovah' all by themselves.

    Damn straight!

  • Dagney

    When I first came to this board I read a heart wrenching story by Makena. It turns out I had heard the tragic story from a friend who lived in the area where it happened. There are some souls too fragile to deal with the disapproval dished out by this authoritarian arrangement. You can slip up once, and decide taking your young life is better than facing a judicial committee. And this family was close and loving. You just never know sometimes.

    Makena and his wife learned from the tragedy, exited the WT, and are living their best lives AFAIK.

  • Nevuela

    scratchme1010 is right, you guys. You're all being very insensitive. You are using the tragic death of someone who was psychologically damaged to mock a religion. Yes, the religion deserves to be mocked, but it is completely uncalled for to use the loss of human life to do so.

  • Hairtrigger

    Looks like a couple here have left the village but the village hasn’t left them!

    Typical JW thought process! Miss the Woods for the trees!

  • JRK

    Wake me said, "NEVER ONCE did I EVER tell my therapist that I was a Jehovah's Witness. I was too concerned about protecting the cult! ... That therapist was unable to help me."

    I was afraid to bring reproach on Jehovah and never mentioned that I was a JW when I was in counseling. I had many multiple diagnoses because of that that were wrong and really messed me up for a time. Fortunately, I eventually went to someone and told them that I was a former JW. Now I just have one diagnosis, Complex PTSD.

    I am glad that I had the courage to finally speak the truth. Unfortunately, others live a life of misery without getting help. Some resort to the ultimate solution, like in the OP.

    Many condolences to the family and his young wife.


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