Was my dad awake?!

by EyesOpenHeartBroken 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Heartsafire
    He was definately awake, and he sounds like he was a wonderful person too.
  • Saintbertholdt
    he...wanted me to read only the Bible, particularly the books of John and James... He also told me those books were all I needed to be a Christian, the "rest is background noise".

    That's neat. Your dad sounds like he was a very thoughtful man.


  • cantleave
    I'd say he was either fully awake or least doubted the WTS.
  • onightdivine

    He was awake. Glad to know he was able to impart his wisdom on you until the last days of his life.

    Welcome to the forum. 💚

  • freddo

    I would say he was where I was about ten years ago. Having doubts about the org. and just about ready to resign as an elder but believing the "new testament" as a Christian and foolishly thinking (me not your father who sounds great) I might be instrumental in trying to protect the flock while remaining an elder.

    The point about child abuse strikes a chord. I went to the Police and asked for and got their assurance of keeping my identity anonymous without telling the rest of the body about a child abuse case. (I also told the police I would stand up in court if they needed my testimony but in the end they got their information from a first hand source).

    I also hated those money meetings at the circuit assembly but was dumb enough to question the proposals in public.

    Sorry, this sound like it's all about me. I just think your Dad was awakening or awake and a really good elder to go to privately for any jw.

    The nice thing is he probably died with his faith in Christ and a resurrection - to heaven or earth - largely intact.

  • brandnew

    First off....eyes open.....you are a very nice person ....to read to your pops in his last days....i commend you for that.☺

    Second pops was awake, he reminds me of my pops who turned down the eldership when they offered it. Old timers watching the society change. And they dont like it one bit...

    Good luck to you friend.

  • Listener

    EyesOpenHeartBroken, it is sad to hear that your father has passed away, it's not easy to deal with. I was fortunate enough to spend time with my father during his last months and I will never forget that as I imagine that is the same with you.

    Thank you for sharing what he had to say. I will consider the book of John and James with your father's appreciation of them in mind.

    Some posters have mentioned before that particularly amongst some of the older Elders there were/are some very special men. You're dad sounds like he was one of them. They knew of the flaws within the Organization, they saw it and experienced it on a level that most r&f members will never see. What kept them going was their love for God and they knew of no other way of feeling that they were serving him to the best of their ability. They were sincere and probably very disappointed at the many wrongs that they had seen.

    Treasure the things that you learnt from him.

  • ToesUp

    Sorry you lost this wonderful man.

    Yes, there is no doubt he was awake. I think there are a lot of "brothers" (elders, CO's) that are fully aware of the dirty little secrets in the org.

    My Dad was also an Elder and has passed away. He also would make interesting remarks about things. I just think some people just don't know where else to go and TTATT scares the hell out of them. There whole identity is wrapped around this organization.

    Cherish the good memories! He seems like he was an awesome man and Dad.

  • Diogenesister

    Thank you for your incredibly touching post.

    I will definately re read James & John in your Dad's memory.

    I think your Dad sounds like he was awake and gave you the best advice he could in the situation. He also sounds like a man of principal, a much rarer thing than we would like to believe.

    Sounds like you were priviledged to have him as a Dad😊

    Welcom btw. Don't worry about some of the heated debates we get into here. What you will notice is that most of the real ding dongs are between long time "grown up"members who "know"each other well enough to take the gloves off.

    Most members are very sensitive to "newbies" and those at different stages of their journey.

    Even the most militant just want you to think for yourself really.I guess that's what your Dad was kind of teaching you to do.

    That's the great thing, you can think what you like and even your ideological nemises will be here to support you if you need it.

  • WingCommander

    Actions speak louder than words. He was awake, and steering you towards your own awakening. The terms he used are a dead giveaway, and recommending the book of James? Very clever indeed. Want to read a good WT book? Read the one written in the late 1970's, a Commentary on the letter of James. It was written by a Edward Dunlap, while he was still in the WT HQ.

    Welcome aboard. Stay and learn what your father probably already knew.

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