My Explanation of God.

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  • cofty
    LAWHFol: This Unseen Presence is very humble, it does not desire to be Worshipped or Praised, it does not even desire to be Known.

    Then why not dispatch it with one quick swipe of Occam's Razor?

  • Viviane
    Because meaningless deepities sounds cool...
  • LAWHFol
    Village Idiot - Exactly, I love that quote!
  • LAWHFol
    Viviane - See "Mathematical universe hypothesis"
  • prologos

    LAWHol. That which propelled the Big Bang, and that which proceeds the eventual collapse of the Universe. current understanding is, that this universe is not collapsing but expanding at an accelerating pace due to the additional dark energy in the vacuum, that is the property of the "nothing" which preceded the big bang beginning.

    whether a personality is behind the use of energy and directing the formulation of the laws we have here? does it matter? let us enjoy the works we have to use here. and it is not amiss to say "thank you"

  • Saved_JW

    What your explaining is essentially Ancient Pantheism. What they called "Nature" is what you would call "god"

    Nothing new

  • TheWonderofYou

    I cant see a difference between "unvisible presence" and "unseen presence", perhaps my "language spectacles" are not clear and able to differ it, i m socialized in german so english is always a challenge.

    Is this presence the total situation, the space-time continuum? Or do you think it is an physical or metaphysical object

    "Presence is the only time that really belongs to us alone", Blaise Pascale.

    "Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything we ought to know a little about everything." Blaise Pascale

  • Viviane
    Viviane - See "Mathematical universe hypothesis"

    I'm well aware of it. You've still all your work ahead of you if you expect to move from meaningless deepity that's not even wrong to saying something that can be evaluated in context that comports with reality.

  • xjwsrock

    LAWHfol - I appreciate you sharing. I will throw my vote with Deism sprinkled with some Pantheism.

    It seems the "street" definition of theist is a person that believes in one or more of the gods of the revealed religions. By that informal definition, you certainly are not a theist.

    Considering that this forum is a Jehovah's Witness forum and not an atheist forum, I will conclude by simply saying "Well done." You are miles past the Jdubs...

  • TheWonderofYou
    Everything that is know to exist, is a result of the Unseen Presence.
    The original commandment is not seen, it is Known by All.. ....evolution

    The " original commandement" -idea you mention sounds similar to the idea in catolic theology that god planted a "demand" or "call" in the human soul and in all creation, a "longing" to answer the creator, a principal good soul, the consciousness, the instinct (or prinicpal determination)

    It could be further compared to the idea that our cosmos has "a direction" or "a thrive" iwhereto it goes or develops itself while it unvisible but constantly follows a commandment.

    In this notion basic principle that is behind the cosmos has no personal connation at all (a personal god is not necessary like in buddism) any commandment that seems to be good, is only our subjective awareness.

    The original commandment (as unseen presence) would certainly for it self alone not presume or advance the evolution of life or human intelligence it it was not "commanded" some tiny unseen quark or basic god part?

    From acertainable effects or attributes of the "unseen presence"/commandements" [the essence/nature of it] we reason the existence of the unseen presence, we do what we can.

    'Wether this is only a logical conclusion in our thoughts or this is a scientifically empirically verifiable experience is another question.

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