My Explanation of God.

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  • LAWHFol

    I am a Theist & This is My version of God.

    Instead of using the Term God, I'll use "Unseen Presence".

    This Unseen Presence, is perfect in Every Way. This Presence is so Perfect it can seem a bit Boring.

    This perfection can be seen in the Laws of Science, for example Gravity.. It does not sometimes work, depending on the Mood of some one in the Sky, it Always works, perfectly. Gravity does not get Angry and decide to stop working, and cause the Death of innumerable living beings, it Just works, through thick or thin, it is reliable.

    What allows this Unseen Presence to remain perfect, is the fact that it does not Act based on Emotion, or Strategy or regret.. It acts based on Law, Mathematical Law.

    This Unseen Presence is not Partial to Jews or Muslims or JW's it is Completely impartial at all times, to everything that Exists

    This Unseen Presence is very humble, it does not desire to be Worshipped or Praised, it does not even desire to be Known.

    The only way that it can be Known is through it's resulting manifestations.

    This Unseen Presence does not Write down Laws in Books or on Stone tablets, it writes Laws down in Nature, it's bible is Called "The Laws of Nature".

    When someone speaks of this Unseen Presence they may say "It Exists".. They may also say "It does not Exist."

    This Unseen Presence has made only one Commandment for Humans.. The commandment can be expressed in one Word - "Evolve".

    This Unseen is You and it Is me, it is My Dog, and it is your Neighbour it is the Moon and the Sun, it is even Stephen Lett.

    We are all this Unseen Presence. We must Evolve.

  • prologos
    "Unseen Presence". that term indicates "inside" the univers(es). how about the deist version: before & outside our present presence.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    LAWHFol: That sounds good to me..I like it.
  • Viviane
    What evidence is there for this unseen presence? What is it made of? What manifestations does this unseen presence create? Where can I see the original commandment from this unseen presence?
  • redvip2000
    This is fine, but none of the attributes you describe are things a god would have. So this boils down to you calling god to whatever you feel like. Sure, you can make up your own god. I can also say that for me, god is a good feeling I have after drinking beer. Is that real? Sure it is, but how is that useful to general discussion of god's existence?
  • WatchtowerReviewz
    Viviane: You dare question the unseen presence?! Blasphemy!!!!
  • LAWHFol

    prologos - I agree personally, with the Deist version as well.. It's just difficult to explain, the only thing that i can think of saying is .. That which propelled the Big Bang, and that which proceeds the eventual collapse of the Universe. (Perhaps Matter and Antimatter ?? IDK)

    Viviane - I'll answer your question with a question.. What evidence is there for Math? What is it made of? What manifestations does Math create?

    Everything that is know to exist, is a result of the Unseen Presence.

    The original commandment is not seen, it is Known by All.. It is Hardwired in our DNA. It is Evolution. Do all that you can do for yourself, while not hurting anyone else, and you are faithful to the command. Work together when ever possible, and only compete when absolute necessary.

    redvip - None of the attributes that I describe are things that a Man made God would have.

    You are correct, since this Presence is Everything, I can call a Rock or a Fish "God".

    Not only is that Good feeling you get when you Drink Beer God.. You are God, so the more you immerse yourself in the experience, the more you will feel this presence. Live life like you Deserve to live - Great.

  • Viviane
    Viviane: You dare question the unseen presence?! Blasphemy!!!!

    I'm positively scandalous that way.

  • LAWHFol

    Viviane - I like you = )

    If this board had Awards, I would vote you as the # 1 Skeptic.


  • Giordano

    Perhaps god was created in the Big Bang....... everything else was.

    If one person believes there is a god then that god exists for that one person.

    We really don't worship what we have is a business relation with god.

    And my all time favorite: God's natural language is silence........ everything else is a bad translation.

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