BOE-2018-04-16--Beards and Special Privileges!

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  • ttdtt
    Atlantis An Elder and I received a BOE 3 days ago and the BOE was dated from 2017. A full year ago and we already have the BOE in collection.

    So I know they added extra security to the Elders only website. They now show logins so someone can see if someone logged in at a time that they didn't with their account, but I have a good PIMO friend who is still an elder and he has NOT seen OLD letters or what you are seeing as of yet. Also NO letters are coming in the mail for elders, they are all coming through

    I will ask again him about this the next time talk to him.

  • AllTimeJeff

    A couple of comments...

    On Beards: The GB is all about control. It is embedded in their own personal culture. They are old white men. Beards are part of the hipster movement. That is worldly in their view. As an aside, the GB gets to ultimately decide what is worldly. I agree with those who think this could be a breaking point for some. I sure hope it does....

    As far as the BOE letters, I believe based on my experience that the GB hasn't changed too much on how they compose letters and what to say. The GB doesn't handle these anymore, they have long ago delegated this to their helpers in the Service Department. Only really knotty questions that haven't been brought up before get referred all the way up to the GB.

    it is a simple thing for the Service Dept at each branch to basically copy and paste answers. These are basically policy questions, requiring a policy answer from the GB point of view. Thus, the sameness of the answers and repetition of phrases. These guys are truly the Sadducees and Pharisees that the GB so long raged against. So legalistic, so much like what Jesus condemned in Matt 23. (for those that believe all of that...)

    Lastly, remember folks, this is a cult. Don't look for logic or compassion. They don't exist. Should having a beard matter? Of course not. Do you think the GB gives a damn? Not even a little...

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    @ AllTimeJeff:

    "They are old white men."

    You're forgetting Sammy Herd.

  • Searril

    I can't tell you the number of times I have seen wearing a beard cause a "disturbance or distraction in {the} community" or my church.

    Thank God for this timely, scriptural advice.

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz
    So if you have conservative hounders on the body you will probably not experience any upward mobility in privileges .

    The problem is that if they are not conservative they don't get to become a "hounder".

  • Londo111

    They words it in such a way to make it seem that beard's are okay and there are no repercussions for having one. But in reality, what they mean is entirely the opposite. It takes experience in understanding their gist.

    It's truly a masterclass of passive aggressiveness.

  • ElderEtta

    2 days ago2 days ago
    Copy and pasting might overcome the tracking code trap but not the canary trap. With the Human Resources available at Washtowels modern day slavery camps- I wouldn’t put it past them to slightly alter the wording of each boe letter to catch the leakers.

    Current day word processors even the free ones have infinite ways they can vary a document without you ever noticing with your eyes, line spacing , font type, font size, kerning, and so forth and so forth and all under automated macro / program control.

  • AlexPancho

    We discussed these letters at a forum of Russian-speaking ex-JW. One participant write an absolutely wonderful fantasy on the topic:


    Gerrit Lösch gathered an emergency meeting.
    "Dear brothers," he began, "I gathered you together to inform you of the unpleasant news: there are traitors among those appointed with the help of the Our Killing Ministry and the holy spirit of the elders, who write our letters marked as "Confidential" to the network. And apostates laughed at and criticized by our wonderful decisions and understandings.This is terrible! How to deal with this? "

    Brother Cook took the floor and suggested:
    "Let's stop making shit and then there will not be anything to laugh at and nothing to criticize!"

    Samuel Herd replied:
    "It's too hard." Let's better introduce the secret encoding into the text of the letters, like the Illuminati, and we'll figure out who is posted our secret spiritual bullshit "

    "It's brilliant!" - Answered everything.

    by Alex Bogun, translated Alex Pancho
  • Farmer Jim1
    Farmer Jim1

    Has anyone got the letter they can share? I can’t find anything on the links?

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