Has anyone else seen this video on JW Broadcasting?

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  • NikL

    So I was checking out the website to see what the February broadcast was all about before I watched it with my JW wife.

    On the front page was this video...


    I watched it and pretended I had never been a JW.

    If you pretend you don't understand their particular language it makes for a interesting (if not vague) watch.

    BTW I've seen several of the actors before. JW version of movie stars? The worldly girl is quite pretty :-)

  • dbq407

    Yea only jw's would understand most the language. Poor guy, he shoulda stayed with her instead of living the "best life" ha.

  • kpop

    On my old Twitter page I see my many friends who are still JW and they have all made their bio with the "Best Life Ever" and JW. org logo. Total absolute brainwashing! 100% cult evidence.

  • wizzstick

    Just vomit inducing. It's all about guilt.

    And what about that poor girl? Anything about her feelings? No she's not worthy of our concern. She's a worldly person.

    What is clear is how the video makes The Equation of Power:

    <Organisation + how it defines the Bible = God (=CULT)>

  • NikL

    The thing is, as a worldly person watching this...I wouldn't see what the poor kid did wrong.

    Plus, maybe I mentioned it before...the worldly girl is REALLY pretty. :-)

  • OnTheWayOut

    He had a normal crush and normal desires for someone his age, but a heavy indoctrination process made him feel guilty. If he were able to come forth to his parents with his normal crush and normal desires instead of making them "secrets of the heart," everything could have turned out just fine.

    His indoctrination reinforced by prayer allowed him to think that Jehovah gave him the strength to do what the cult has trained him to do.

    I can imagine the elders asking about the "worldly" girl and, after looking at her picture or having his description of her, getting specific details about their activity so that they can decide whether or not he needs a judicial action, plus to get their jollies off.

  • ToesUp

    Just the title alone is disturbing, God is aware of the secrets of the heart. In other words..."you are being watched!"

    The FOG Method...Fear, Obligation and guilt. And we wonder why so many JW's are on anti depressants and the Bethelites are known for the drinking issues. Watching this video just confirms that my spouse and I made the 100% right decision leaving this cult.

  • ToesUp

    Oh...another point. I hope this boy becomes an MS by the time he is 23 years old. After that, he is not good marriage material (says Tony Tight pants Morris).

  • OnTheWayOut

    "you are being watched!"

    I cannot resist. God is like the internet-famous mythical Ceiling Cat.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Wow. My kids are really young, and they just don't know what a bullet they dodged when daddy decided to skip out on the religion of his youth. Sheesh.

    Here is what is interesting. He doesn't explain what "when things started getting physical" meant. I don't think however it meant sex. The reason is because he is clearly in pioneer or christian evangelizer school at the end after it had "been a few years". If he had sex, he would have been disfellowshipped, and barred from attending such a school for 5 years after reinstatement as is their unspoken but sort of spoken custom.

    Anyone else catch that?

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