Has anyone else seen this video on JW Broadcasting?

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  • flipper

    I cannot believe I watched the whole 6 minute video without throwing up. WT Society indoctrination all the way. What a crock of shit. Being a musician I was annoyed that the WT tried to play this real down, minor chord depressing serious music while the young man is getting to know the " worldly " girl trying to set the mood as " dangerous " or very " sad " that he has found a non-JW girl that's nice to him ! And that's portrayed as a " bad " thing. And then to compare his getting to know this " worldly " girl as dangerous as Annanias lying and stealing money for himself ? How twisted is THAT ? No wonder most JW's minds are screwed up 6 ways from Sunday ! With crazy ass views like that- they don't know which end is up.

    And then once again the music turns all happy, shiny when the young man is in the kingdom hall and doing his WT functions once again. Oh- Another thing. It shows his JW parents being very calm and understanding when he's telling them at the table about his " worldly " girlfriend. Most JW parents I knew would be coming off unhinged yelling at the kid telling him he's " bad " in Jehovah's eyes and needs to go to the elders immediately AND they would ground him without any freedoms to go anywhere or do anything on his own. These videos TOTALLY indoctrinate JW's in an unrealistic way and manner. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • stuckinarut2


    Pure MANIPULATION and GUILT inducing tactics!

    Seriously, this sort of stuff is what ends up emotionally screwing up witness teenagers!

    I cant even begin to articulate further my thoughts.....

  • sparrowdown

    Very culty cult-cult.

  • NikL

    True that sparrow!

  • ToesUp

    All is well in JW land as long as you are staying on your "tasks."

  • sparky1

    This kid is a real DORK! When I was 15 years old I used to climb out of my second story bedroom window onto another roof in the middle of the night. From there I would jump to the ground and walk down to the local bowling alley to see the 3 girls that I was 'friends' with. Grow some 'nads sonny and stop being such a wimp!

  • Wild_Thing

    Did anyone notice the blizzard happening outside his window? LOL!

    Their videos just keep getting creepier and creepier.

  • Perry
    And then to compare his getting to know this " worldly " girl as dangerous as Annanias lying and stealing money for himself ? How twisted is THAT ?

    Exactly Flipper.

    "Worldly" means anyone who doesn't reject Jesus at the Memorial & worship the Watchtower as God's instrument of Salvation on earth. Pure idolatry. The girl could have been a Christian believer - Doesn't matter!

    The guilt trip: Failure to worship them is the same as stealing and lying according to the storyline.

    That video got me steamed this morning....time to hit the gym.

    They always seem to get even the simplest of things misconstrued:


    BUT WHY?


  • Finkelstein

    In the WTS's indoctrination to protect its brainwashed members and retain them, demeaning non-jws is part of the course and lets say this particular girl was involved in another Christian faith and was a clean wholesome living girl, well you might as well be dating Satan the Devil.

    Guilt , Shame, Fear, Ignorance its instigated for people to be loyal to the GB members.

  • Steel

    I got married at 35 and became a first time father at the age of 40. Yeah it takes a few years and a lot of work to get pregnant after a certain age.

    My parents were married at 20 and had me at 21.

    I look at the challenges I have and how old I will be when my son let's say finishes high school and wish I would have tried sooner.

    I see videos like this and see lives wasted. You are suppose to date in your teens and get married and have babies in your early 20s. It's the way nature intended.

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