Has anyone else seen this video on JW Broadcasting?

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Outrageous!! Did you notice the amount of carbs at the breakfast table?? donuts, bread, juice, fruits. That's not a balanced diet. I am surprised mom and son are so slim.

    Toes up: Just the title alone is disturbing. God is aware of the secrets of the heart.

    1984. Big brother is always watching!

  • finallysomepride
  • Rainbow_Troll
    He should have chosen the girl. He would then discover that she was a junkie and that she had just given him HIV during sex. Our hero gets so depressed that he too becomes a heroin addict. The movie should close with a scene on the street: He's pale and emaciated, his arms covered in track marks, begging for money in front of a 7-eleven when he sees some old JW friends walk by in their Sunday best, smiling and laughing, on their way back from Service. Fade...
  • scratchme1010

    I don't waste my time watching JW videos. I know they are crap.

  • krismalone

    Once I accepted the fact that god doesn't exist and sure doesn't care (if he exist) what the hell we do in our life, I was cured of my Obsessive Compulsive behavior and anxiety.

    I lived in constant fear of offending god and if my thoughts were acceptable to him as I didn't want to hurt his feelings or make him feel sad. This in turn made me to actually have bad thoughts and that in turn made me feel guilty and depressed.

    I guess religious coercion and guilt affect people differently.

    Just enjoy life, respect your neighbors, their opinions, love your family, work hard, get educated, be honest and fair in your dealings with others and as long as no one gets hurt, accept others differences.

    The WT and similar cults produce toxic traits in humans.

    I have never been happier since reaching those conclusions.

  • WTWizard

    I watched enough of those wastes of electricity to know that they are lousy. They always hype up hardships that are pointless, as well as living up to standards that are dangerous for the soul. Not even any decent entertainment value. I find more entertainment watching videos where someone is complaining about a lousy job, tries something stupid with a car just to see what would happen, or stacking silver and showing off unboxing of the next installment.

    And, the reception of those videos is lousy. How often I would see a section where the colors were totally messed up, or I would get blocking (that is where digital reception cuts part way out) or freezing (where it cuts all the way out for a time). I would much rather watch YouTube videos put out by apostates that bash the official washtowel videos.

  • pale.emperor

    Looking at it now as as a non JW it just reeks of sadness. It's so sad that he has to report what he does, who he talks to etc to his parents and elders.

    Yeah mate, dump that nice pretty girl, spend the best years of your life wasting away in the "ministry school".

    The girl had a lucky escape if you ask me.

  • Landy

    For someone has no problem with bone cancer in kids or genocide their god seems to be overly concerned with what two people do in their bedroom.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    I feel so sorry for them. As a born-in, I am well aware of how this feels. These poor kids can't even have normal relationships.

  • sparky1

    After watching this............I'M SPEECHLESS

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