Rick Fearon - Six Screens of the Watchtower

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Yes. When my "doubts" about the Borg were just surfacing in the mid 2000"s, I seen Rick Fearons earliest youtube videos around 2007. With the release of his website, just hard to watch some of his videos and I thought maybe the Borg was right about so called "apostates".

    But then along came the John Cedars channel, the Mike and Kim videos. Shortly before that was Towerwatch.com with Cal Lehman ministries. Mr Lehman is a meek, wonderful man. And of course, this website where people can just sit down and discuss in calm manner and listen to observations without appearing nutty, or crazy.

    And there are countless other youtube sites where people just talk and reason in calm, collective reasoning way. Probably the most effective method in reaching out to "doubting" Dubs.

    Rick Fearon is a guy who "confirms"" "stereoptypes of apostates"". Yes, agreed.

  • sparrowdown

    Haven't watched/listened to very much of RF at all. I did visit there when first waking up but being embarrassingly green when it came to websites, forums and social media I found the site confusing to navigate so went elsewhere. I'd have to see and hear more for my self before I formed an opionion of my own about him.

    Suffice to say different strokes for different folks and all that but I get the feeling he appeals to maybe an older gen of JWs.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Personally I miss JWStruggle. I hope he is doing well.

    There seems to be a consensus on Six Screens but I just wonder.

    Sure a lot of would be JW defectors may be scared straight after a journey down the rabbit hole, but I wonder. Did that rainbow of a website and the “sensationalism” lead some out the door? Even if one JW saw the madness and felt a kindered spirit in Johnny the PsuedoBethelite, wouldn’t that be worth it?

    Na. I think it is still an in out equation. Scare 100 off to gain one? Sometimes silence is golden.

    ps: if you haven’t seen JWStruggles aposatacy trials where he records his judicial committee hearings, DO IT. (;

  • sparrowdown

    Aww, I miss Eric JWstruggle too he is such a great interviewer he would have been a much better choice for Leah Remini's program I think.

    I alo think six screens and RF serves a purpose for many.

  • ShirleyW
    I wonder if some with mental issues gravitate toward the site.

    Yeah, because "all" the exDubs here are of completely sound mind . . . .hold on trolls, notice I what I did to the word all, because the same is true of Rick's site and the same is true here. Do you want an example, OK, someone who still posts here after I responding to their post, I just asked a question about what they posted and they answered. Week later, I get PMs about "who are you, you don't know me, going on and on, and got a few more after that, I sent them to Simon. Trust I have another doozy I could tell from someone who posts on and off here as well.

    I myself don't think Rick is that much "out there" as others do, every week he discusses things that are brought up here on this site so, I guess some of you are saying things here are a little off? I have to say though some of the folks he gives an hours worth of time to, are JW myth, like he a XJW Veronica, who had an hour on his show which was about JWs and the Masons. SHe also claims that she is the reason for that story about the Smurf that ran up the KH aisle and started cursing. I have no problem in saying I think she's one sandwich short of a picnic and couldn't care less if she reads this, plus the fact I've mentioned her bizarro world here before.

  • Diogenesister
    MinI know Rick. He basically is a very nice guy.

    His kids come across as very nice, too.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Well he definitely has one fan downvoting the naysayers.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    As a matter of curiosity and research I've found the web page you've been discussing and the link to his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the YT videos are presently not available for viewing for some reason as an error message appears.

    I'd not heard of Rick or ever found any of his materials on the web before now. I wonder what it could be that has aroused so much denigration?

  • _Morpheus

    Youtube is down world wide. Rick will be back in all his carnival barker glory.

  • ShirleyW

    it's back up 11:51 now and I've been on it for the last half hour or so

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