Rick Fearon - Six Screens of the Watchtower

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  • Phizzy

    I think that the consensus on this Thread is that, whatever Rick Fearon is, he does more harm than good for the Apostate cause.

  • WingCommander

    Rick professed to be one of the 144,000 before his banishment from his Kingdumb Hell. His late wife did as well. He left, she followed, and they started down the rabbit hole. Rick's wife passed away. Rick was mad and distraught. Not distraught enough to not get remarried quickly though? I was probably the first to push my "Rick is a WT plant" theory. This is truly some Scientology level shit right here, but I sure wouldn't put it past the Hateful 8 at WT HQ. Let's face it; Rick is the stereotypical Apostate that the WT has always warned people about. He is actually better at keeping rank-n-file but doubting JW's IN, than he is at bringing them OUT. How so? This thread is proof in and of itself. We have several posters saying he actually fit WT's stereotype of the "Crazy Apostate" to a "T", and hence they stopped looking online for a while and went back into the WT Org. This is EXACTLY what WT would want, and how'd they play a plant like Rick. Hell, they probably pay him and pay for his website and "studio" to even exist!!! For anyone thinking this is beyond WT's means, think again! This is the same cult that has your local Elduh's stalking you to see if you spend the night at someone of the opposite sex, all the while turning a blind eye and even deliberately covering up child sexual abuse!!!! I am convinced they will and would do ANYTHING to save face, scare their Flock (aka slaves with bottomless wallets) into submission and obedience.

    Rick is a WT stooge and tool, plain and simple. What does he REALLY contribute to the ex-JW cause? NOTHING!!! Zilch. Zero. The proof is in his results.

  • minimus

    WC, totally disagree that RF is a plant. I’ve known the guy for decades. He’s unique, different, unusual....but he is no Watchtower troll. I disagree with his methods and his opinions quite often but he’s not working for the Watchtower. Lol I used to be told on this site that I was too because I asked a lot of questions. 😎

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Minimus; Russian JW transgender conservative troll.

    Explains everything.


  • minimus

    Who told on me?

  • WingCommander

    Hey Minimus:

    If you are so close to Rick and have apparently known him for decades, why in the hell don't you clue this clown in as to the damage he's actually doing? I'm serious man!! Sit his ass down and give him the reality cheque he so desperately needs! Be a real friend, and clue him in! He's needs it. Badly. ASAP.

  • minimus

    I’ve expressed my opinion on that for years. I can’t change people’s approach but it is what it is with that situation. I agree that the sensationalism and crazy music on their website makes you think you’re in the twilight zone. Oh well!

  • alecholmesthedetective
    Here is a Rick Fearon style theory.
    Rick has actually been planted and is funded by the Watchtower to give credence to their claims that apostates are liars. His agenda is to make preposterous claims against Watchtower that are demonstrably false so that JWs can point to it and say, “see! Mentally diseased apostates!”
    He is the Alex Jones of ExJWs.

    Here's another Rick Fearon style theory.

    Rick Fearon is a the Alex Jones of ExJWs.

    Lloyd Evans is Alex Jones-lite of ExJWs.

  • Vidiot
    alecholmes - "Rick Fearon is a the Alex Jones of ExJWs."

    Pretty sure it ain't just a theory.

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