Rivalry among the sisters

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  • Esmeralda001

    When I was first introduced to the "truth", I was so distracted by the love and affection that the members were showing me that I was ready to convert into the religion without thinking twice. I was conviced that JWs were God's people (I still think some of them are). I made it my goal to get baptized as I wanted to be part of the "only" religion that produce such good people. I was ready to drink the kool-aid, but then I left... Eventually I returned only to find out that it was just a facade. The members for the most part no longer feel the need to do the whole love bombing thing they normally do with potential new "recruits". Now that their love has faded, I get to see the organization real colours. Each meething/social gathering I attend gives me the opportunity to reinforce my observations.

    One thing I have noticed for quite a while now is the atmosphere of competition in the KH . It is particularly palpable among the sisters. Now some people will argue that is in women nature to be competitive. I agree with you to a certain extent. As an ex ballet dancer, I've experienced feminine rivalry, but never as ferrous and "unhealthy" as in the KH. I don't even think the sisters realize how malicious and hostile and they are towards each other . It is easy for me to see it because I'm being treated like an outsider.

    I get weird looks because of my micheal kors boots and watch. (Those are the early gifts that I received from my godfather. I didn't buy them). I also own a collection of High heels and purses which I like to match with different outfits. Next thing you know, sister x will send me subliminal messages through her comments stating that wearing brands is a form of immodesty. Ok... One time I overheard two sisters bashing another sister (who wasn't around of course) because her husband has bought a very expensive mattress. Basically they were accusing the couple of being superficial for not using their resource for the worldwide work. Don't ask me how did these two women get such an information.

    The sisters will ignore you while keeping an close eye on you (how ironic). One time I had a sister, who has been ignoring me for months now, literally following me as I was walking through the hall, going from a group of people to another, greeting everybody. she would interropt me, greet the person I was talking to, look at me right in the eyes, and then leave. I think she just wanted to make sure that I knew she was ignoring me. But then again, if i'm unimportant in her eyes, why even bother? A Sister will criticize another sister who wear beautiful clothes and makeup. It feels like high school. What's up with this?

  • prologos
    now imagine that such caricature characters will decide among themselves who will be elderette, Coordinatorette, ---
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    When I got a huge ass T.V I noticed alot of funny comments and looks it was the biggest you could buy at the time. Brothers just seemed pissed off you were enjoying life. So sad I was happy when someone was ejoying life.
  • purrpurr

    I totally agree with you! The sisters can be real bitches to eachother. Possibly because they are so cramped and unhappy in their own lives so they set about making eachother unhappy.

    There was once this holier than thou pioneer sister who never stopped boasting about how poor she was because she pioneered. Anyway she used to constantly ask me how much I earnt, was the outfit I was wearing new? How much had it cost? And all so that she could scornfully say to me that she couldn't afford stuff like that because she pioneered!!

  • The Hermit
    The Hermit

    Feels like high school for sure. I think it was Piaget who said most people couldn't reach past 12 years old in terms of mental maturity (don't quote me on that).

    They only wish they could afford to buy Micheal Korrs. Wear your nice clothes with pride. Leave them bitter zombies to their uneventful boring existences. You don't belong there and they make it obvious. Life is short, share yours with people who deserve it.

  • Heartsafire

    With "friends" like the sisters in the KH, who needs enemies, right? I quit playing their games long ago. Gave up on that whole mess. I've never been super close with the sisters as I could see it was all a game early on. Ask any Bethelite about the older sisters at Bethel. You know, the wives of the "lifers". They have their own category of meanness altogether. Lol.

    Good for you on wearing your MK stuff. I like Mk brand too. He makes an amazing wedge and his saffiano leather bags last a lifetime. If any sister is hassling you over your clothes, consider it a compliment as they most likely are jealous:-).

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    A very accurate saying, "Whatever goes on in the world, happens within the Org."

    People are people - regardless of their affiliations or their projected persona.

  • stuckinarut2
    Well, when they have little else to occupy their life, they make themselves busy messing around with others lives....
  • KateWild

    I gave up my career as a chemical analyst to pioneer. I totally regret it now. I can't get back to that career now. I am training for a different career and volunteering to get experience in a new field. But because I am 42 there is no guarantee I will be recruited into a good career now.

    This is an example I would not recommend to follow.

    Kate xx

  • tiki

    Oh yeah....I knew some awful witches. A lot of it is just plain jealousy....if you are prettier, smarter, have more $$$, you will be trashed. They are largely ignorant, shallow, and don't have enough meaningful things in their petty lives. The org denigrates women and all they are allowed to do is housework, service, meetings....so what else is there to occupy their minds...and give them a hearty dose of self righteousness and poof....gossip queens. I've been victimized by then so much.....but that is ancient history.

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