Disgusted By Today's WT Study 12/6/15

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  • Spiral
    I was beyond disgusted today as well. This was another study about fooling yourself into thinking that a higher power only helps YOU and your fellow Borg-mates. And if you don't see that now, if you just keeeeeeeeeep thinking about it eventually you'll be convinced God is helping you.

    And any legal issues are always decided for the benefit of the JWs. (That's the interpretation given by the WT conductor today. WHAT???). I realized today no one in this group had a clue about what goes on in the wider world OR what is really happening with the "organization". I understand that my mother doesn't (senility) but the fact that the younger ones are clueless is astounding. I haven't been in 10 plus years (just taking my Mom on Sundays) but I am truly astounded by this group of clueless people.

  • Divergent

    I was disgusted with the study too. The article was literally forcing everyone to acknowledge that they see "God's hand" in their lives. If we don't see "God's hand", then it's our fault & something is wrong with us!

    Here's what paragraph 15 says:

    15 What are some reasons why we may not clearly see God’s hand in our affairs? Life’s challenges can overwhelm us. When this happens, we may forget to keep focused on how Jehovah has already helped us.

    Let me suggest a few other possibilities. How about there is no such thing as "God's hand" at all & things that are credited to "God's hand" can simply be attributed to pure coincidence? That we believe in God's hand because we want to believe in it, finding ways to affirm God's hand when it is all just cognitive bias? Or how about God's hand really exists, and it led many of us to discover TTATT & leave???

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Title of article: "Do you See God's Hand In Your Life?"

    Our entire circuit is plagued with a very high percentage of broken families, divorces and separations along with myriads of JW children wondering "Where Is God's Hand In My Life And In My Family?"

    What a dumb-ass article!

    The previous article on page 3 is entitled: "Keep holding Men Of That Sort Dear". These are "spiritual men" (Governing Body Helpers) who can't seem to stem the tide of JW families from breaking up! Another dumb-ass article!

  • smiddy

    How about Jehovah`s Witnesses open their Bible to Ecl,9:11 and read , "time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all " Just because this statement is a truism accredited to the Bible does not mean it was put their by any God , humans , penned the words in the Bible. No God wrote the Bible.

    A simple statement of fact ,There is no intervention by any God at all in our lives ,time and unforeseen occurrences happens to all of us., good people and bad people..

    How many times have we heard the expression that someone was in the wrong place at the wrong time .

    How many times have we heard the expression that someone was in the right place at the right time .

    Validating the expression , Time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all , a human observation of past events , nothing more.


  • Billy ex Blaze
    Billy ex Blaze

    Ha-ha on the paragraph that referenced Elijah not seeing the hand of god I made the comment: "here we see that Elijah the profit physically saw fire come out of heaven, later on he still had trouble seeing 'gods hand'. So if we today find it hard to see gods hand in our lives, whether through a watchtower or a meeting, it makes us no worse than Elijah."

    You should have seen there faces! I got quite a few looks my way.

  • nowwhat?
    Driving home after the meeting my wife says "why do you look so angry?" ugh!!!
  • Pistoff
  • Pistoff


    It really seems like the WT publishes that disclaimer every ten years, but then states the opposite at least ten times for every disclaimer.

    I know so many witnesses who look for evidence in their life that 'Jehovah is blessing' them, with cheap plane tickets to where the need is greater, for cheap apartments, for jobs.

    It is so hard to listen to.

  • ThinkerBelle

    This definitely was a snoozer......all the ridiculous personal stories came out.

    "God's hand".......the "placebo effect" in full force. I wish witnesses could hear themselves talk sometimes.....they have no real thinking ability.

  • Oubliette

    Divergent: things that are credited to "God's hand" can simply be attributed to pure coincidence

    Yes. Here's an old thread posted by 00DAD: Jehovah is the God of Parking Lots:

    Have you ever noticed that JWs that have completely swallowed the kool-aid are really whacked in their thinking when it comes to interpreting life's events. No matter how things turn out, good or bad, they always--and I mean ALWAYS--spin it to confirm the belief that Jehovah is blessing THEM and not unbelievers.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Food for thought: There are no atheists in foxholes, or so we're told. But we'll never know if the soldiers blown to bits were praying to their God at the very moment their body exploded.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I knew a really annoying "Brother" that was always going on and on telling everyone how much God was blessing him in this or that. Now don't get me wrong, I think people should be appreciative, but he was always saying stupid stuff like, "Jehovah really blessed me today," but it was always about really trivial stuff and not ever about anything really important. Now mind you, this guy was an elder and regular pioneer, very respected in the circuit as well as in the congregation. He was a highly sought after speaker in congregations all over Southern California and frequently was featured on Circuit Assemblies and District Conventions. Nevertheless, he often fell victim to this fallacious way of thinking about God's alleged involvement in the mundane affairs of life that is sadly ubiquitous among JWs.

    For example, when he'd tell me about his latest "proof" of God's blessing I'd ask, "How so?"

    Brother Blessed (BB) might say something like, "Well when I went to the Post Office this morning, I got a parking space right away even though the lot was full!"

    Me, "So Jehovah is the God of Parking Lots?"

    BB, "Whaddya' mean? Are you making fun of me?"

    Me, "Well, it sounds like you're saying that the Creator of the Entire Universe thought it was important enough to drop everything else He was doing and just focus on making sure that YOU found a place to park so YOU could mail your mail."

    BB, "That's right."

    Me, "And all those other people that didn't find a parking place, God's NOT blessing them. Is that right?"

    BB, "Yes, that's right."

    Me, "And why is that?"

    BB, "Because I'm serving Jehovah and they're not."

    Me, "And you know this how?"

    BB, "Because I got the parking place and they didn't."

    Me, "That's your proof?"

    BB, "Yes."

    Me, "This mail, was it something 'theocratic' or just ordinary correspondence?"

    BB, "It was just me paying my bills is all."

    Me, "Then what makes you think Jehovah would bless that?"

    BB, "I know because he did. I got the parking spot and everyone else was just circling around with no where to park."

    Me, "I see ... I think. So WHY would Jehovah bless YOU and not the other people in the parking lot, especially considering the letters you had to mail were not of any spiritual importance?"

    BB, "Because I'm pioneering and needed to get out in service afterwards. Also, I have a Service Meeting part tonight I need to get home and prepare."

    Me, "Oh-kay ... So all that pioneering and meeting attendance is just so you can get good parking places?"

    BB, "No, them's just the perks."

    Me, "So God will 'bless' you when it comes to parking even though you can't speak English properly, but that's OK because you spend 90 hours a months walking up and down Ventura Boulevard in a suit being ignored by the few people that are, for-whatever-reason, also walking down the street, but going the opposite direction."

    BB, "Exactly! Now you're getting it."

    Me, "What about your wife leaving you? I mean that was really tragic for you wasn't it?"

    BB, "Yes it was. You know, she broke my heart! Why are you bringing that up? That really hurts!"

    Me, "I know it does and I'm sorry. But where was Jehovah's blessing there? Wouldn't you rather have a faithful wife than a good parking space at the post office?"

    BB, "Why are you saying this? You're making me mad. I don't like where this conversation is going ...."

    Me, "No, I'm sure you don't and come to think of it neither do I!"

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