Disgusted By Today's WT Study 12/6/15

by JW_Rogue 31 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • SloppyMcFloppy
    What always bothered me when i was a kid was sitting at the conventions and how they gave experiences of people how they had no money and a brother gave them the exact amount of money needed or a bag of groceries. yes they said jehovah provided for us!!! I was just like no that person gave u groceries because hea a nice person and he provided them for u cause he worked for it. Because how could god care about you so much that he intervened by giving you food but lets thousands of other witness die elsewhere. What always bothered me was a special on dateline i believe were a jw family coming back from a convention got murdered at a rest stop....why no intervention by god there but he intervened when someone was hungry.... makes no sense!
  • Landy

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