If you decided to try a church, which one would you try?and why?

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  • DJ


    The non-denom. outreach ctr. that you mentioned sounds like a good place to start. If I knew of something like that in my area, I would go too. Let us know if you do go.

    As far as the denomination thing goes....from what I can tell anyway, the protestant churches like the Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists etc... all teach basically the same thing and that is, the gospel. The Baptists generally don't permit alcohol and they can get pretty annoyed if you don't attens Sun morning, night and Wed. night. They are picky about clothing and believe in tithing. I will probably never be a baptist even though I was baptized in a Baptist church. I just felt the need to be dunked and they do that there. There is ALOT of variance in minor issues in all of those churches but like I mentioned before, it is the same gospel. Saved by faith thru Christ's death. The "good works" are done out of a love for God, not a mandatory slip to fill out.The variances in minor issues are normal and they had them in Paul's day. ie: "one holds one day as above another and one holds them as all the same.Do not judge this.." etc.... This is not division as the jw's teach it. It is conscience and the bible teaches that whatever is not from faith is sin. BIG difference.!!. You might feel a little spooked when you see a cross or don't hear them not saying Jehovah but Lord instead but be prepared for that and just hang tight. I recommend reading your bible to make sure that you are being taught correctly. Some churches are more legalistic than others so if you find one that teaches the gospel right but puts man's rules on you too much...then leave. You are free and gathering together is fun as long as you remember that you are free. there is NO perfect church! The people within the churches are the body of Christ and the body is all all of the churches who teach Jesus as your salvation. (the gospel). Pleeeeez don't expect too much understanding from people who have not been jw's. They try to be helpful and I love them for it but they just can't understand what you are going thru...I say that so that you won't get your hopes up and then feel disappointed. They are struggling with just dealing with their own lives and evils of the day. They haven't walked in our shoes and the verses that get stuck in our heads are not scary to them, they have had a totally different experience. Our fears should have been a clue that we were being taught wrong, instead I think it kept us in it. Just keep in mind that God wants us to love....even our enemies.... and it is the work of the holy spirit that can help you for the asking. As far as unitarian goes..I don't think that a belief in God is needed to go there. I am still shurch hopping and looking for the right one for me. I am picky...lol. I will not be burdened with new rules of man and I can't tolerate when a church only reads the bible verses that suit them. It is toooo reminiscent of my jw days. That does not mean that I don't think of those people as my brothers and sisters in the Lord because I do. I just have been thru much and need space sometimes... I wish you much happiness. love, dj

  • nowisee

    hi, lyin',

    i understand exactly where you're at -- i was there too about a year and a half ago. i really missed being part of a Christian community, the camaraderie, and i too wanted to draw closer to God; i wanted to do the right thing.

    i too was nervous at first, wondering if i would figure out when to sit or kneel or stand or pray or take communion, or sing, etc. etc. don't worry. if a church is worth anything there will be friendly people to help.

    i started searching around, went to lutheran, methodist, catholic, quakers, salvation army, spiritualist, unitarian, and finally a tiny presbyterian church where i stayed. i did not stay because i embraced the presbyterian teachings -- i stayed because there was a bible on every chair, everyone followed along in the bible, there are many bible studies held in many locations all week long. i heard the bible being taught. (this was a real eye-opener by the way, i found out that jws are not the only ones who study the bible!) the people also were friendly, and totally willing to accept me as i was - very non-judgemental. i could have all of my questions (like i still do re hell and trinity, etc.) and it was ok. i was still welcome. and in fact, they still have asked me to be part of services, reading scriptures, and actually teaching the youth group about the teachings of jws.

    at first i wanted them to give me special attention and tear down all the jw teachings so that i could then believe in the church. i discovered as time passed that no religion has a commodity on "the truth", but that there are true Christians everywhere -- (maybe there are even some in jws) -- the are the ones who accept Christ as Lord and Savior. your faith is not the church you attend, it is your relationship with God.

    so, the community church you mentioned sounds good. give it a try -- let us know what happens!! hopefully it will meet your needs, but if it doesn't keep searching. when you find the right place, you will know.

    very best wishes with love, nowisee

  • ScoobySnax

    I think if I went back, it would have to be to the Witnesses. (suprise!) I guess its in my blood. I sometimes talk to the PA on my ward who is a Mormon, she freaks me out way too much, and I don't see her showing much love, infact she's always bitching, last year I went to a Catholic wedding, and that was way too ritualistic and cold, Since being out I've looked at many Christian denominations, and even Islam and Buddhism, yet still my heart goes back to the JWs. maybe its just me. Oh and don't even get me started on BAC's!!!!

  • ozziepost

    G'day LyinEyes,

    My own feeling is that if you're drawn to God, then you'll find joy in associating with any who you have as brothers and sisters. Mrs Ozzie and I stopped going to the KH because we were Christian. Sorry to the poster who thinks they'd go back to the KH but the truth is that if you want to follow Christ you won't go there!

    After a year or so we plucked up courage to attend a church. We selected the one we'd like to go to and took it from there. We've attended many church services in both Australia and Europe of different denominations. Remember that the different church denominations are different in form not of religion.

    They are also gatherings of believers so that the emphasis will be different from one town to the next.

    As Dubs, Mrs Ozzie and I always considered ourselves Christian in belief and we still do of course. So we were drawn to evangelical Christianity which in New South Wales is practised by the Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian churches etc, In other states it would be different. If we were in the states, we aren't sure where we would attend; we'd just have to "taste and see".

    The important thing for us is that we firstly are christian, secondly we are anglican/baptist. We hold to the Bible as the word of God and Jesus as our saviour. Just take it from there.


    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Introspection
    I am also interested in other forms of religion some have choosen, and why?

    Well, since you made this statement I'll say that if I was looking for some kind of organized thing and I felt that nobody really needed me close by in their life, I would join a zendo. Now this doesn't mean that if you're doing the official zen thing you will be isolated from the world, but naturally you are kind of out of the way. This isn't a reason why, but one thing about zen is the simplicity. Sitting meditation in zen has been described as "sit down, shut up, and figure it out for yourself." Even though you are there to figure it out for yourself, you have a kind of support with the other people there doing the same thing. For me, one reason why I'd get into that is because I already know what it's about, and I think that's a good criteria for anyone getting into anything.

  • Satanus

    Either catholic or unitarian.

    Catholic is the least fundamentalist, so it leaves more room for thinking. It also has many, many sections, i.e., a person can just be a once a yr nominal goer, a regular weekly attender, or a person can get into some of their movements. Some of it's groups practice mild spirituality, some practice hyper spirituality. Some just do social work: feeding, caring, counceling, etc.

    Unitarian basically allows most anything.


  • JH

    With the experience I had as a witness, and also as a non practising catholic before that, I wouldn't join any other religion.

    I had enough with false teachings and deceptions, and controle. I rather deal with God and Jesus on a personal basis.

    I would try to read the bible instead, and try to better myself. I don't feel like joining any religion.

  • ozziepost

    Just a point here and I hope I'm not being "picky" but I don't see it as a matter of "joining" anything. Joining is something the Borg has emphasised and indoctrinated the R&F with. There are definitely entry rules for the Dubs, sure, but when you are not a dub you are free to attend anywhere. Join what? Nothing, in my experience. It's a matter of personal faith, and wherever I attend emphasises that.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • DJ

    Hi Ozzie,

    In the states churches usually want you to "join" an become a "member" of that particular church. In my experience attendance on a very regular basis is expected and failure to do so results in questioning about your beliefs. I have a bro in law who thinks that I am not a Christian because I am not a member of any church. He knows my beliefs are the same as his but he says>>>" I have no fellowship with you" and that is his justification for being mad at me. I am still searching for that one church that I may come across one day that won't judge how many Sundays I need to come in a row(and Wed.s) before they accept me as a sister in Christ. Sounds nice in Oz. love, dj

  • ScoobySnax

    LyingEyes (aka Kat Slater) Follow your heart to what you feel is the Truth. Everyone will have the own interpretation/suggestion. Thats why God gave you freewill. Good luck!!

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