I HATE JW funerals

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  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    The past few I have read, the lazy speaker just reads the obituary that was printed in the newspaper, usually written by a family member.
    And afterwards, there is some get together at someone's house, or at a venue, where a buffet dinner of sorts is served, and everyone gets some free eats, and might remember to talk to the surviving family members. Sometimes, there will be a video show, but usually, not (don't want to rock any boars, you know).

    The saddest funeral I saw was of a very old sister. There was a slide show, but for some reason, there wasn't many of her as a young woman, most of them looked as if they had been taken in very recent years. But mixed in were pictures of her house, interior and exterior. I guess then intent was to show the place she lived in, but with a little narration, it could have also been "And, now, fresh on the market, is this lovely ranch-style dwelling, with large living room, dining room, and three bedrooms. The property also has this very large front yard. For more information, please call Joe Smith Realtors today! Don't let this opportunity slip by!"

  • jws

    Steve2 wrote:

    God forbid anyone in the audience bring a human element to the service. Besides, when the outline instructs not to invite the audience to make expressions, the main concern is not "unscriptural" elements but that anyone says anything whatsoever that does not align with JW dogma.

    That outline allows for an interview with somebody about him. But only a "well-rehearsed" one with a male member in good standing.

    But no participation lest anybody say something that doesn't align with their teachings. To quote a phrase used often by some people, what special little snowflakes! They go door-to-door where they can encounter the most fervent well-read anti-JWs or pro-some other religion. Yet if somebody were to say something like he's in heaven now, their brains would explode. You think JWs don't know what other people believe and if they hear it, they would automatically convert? You must not have any confidence in your own doctrine if it's that easily shaken.

    Same thing for my dad. When his brother died. Somebody he'd known all his, I think, 79 years of life at the time. He went for the viewing, but not to the service. Why? Because there was, I think a Lutheran minister speaking. So? You can't just sit in silence and honor his memory? And disagree with parts you don't agree with?

    Looks like his daughter and grand-daughter and my brother were disappointed in the funeral talk too. They wished they could have talked more about him. And all were saying the same thing. We could have done without the JW part. Of course, none of them are JWs.

  • ThinkerBelle

    Try having the funeral talk of my very dear relative given by an elder friend of another family member that didn't know the deceased personally and mispronounced their name the whole talk.....talk about impersonal and disheartening.

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    ThinkerBelle, I think I was at that funeral!
    At least, in the case of the one I attended, the man's name was Hiatt, and it was mispronounced Wyatt through the entire damn thing. I saw a non Witness couple get up halfway through and leave in disgust. Great Witness, guys!

  • FedUpJW

    Note: Opening with prayer is optional. The purpose of the talk is to uphold Jehovah as a God of love and PROMOTE JAY DOUBLE YOU DOT ORG

    Do not invite the audience to make expressions about the deceased, as this could actually make the survivors think you give a s--t!

    I will never go to another one of these sales seminars again!!

  • ThinkerBelle

    Oh, no, another one Captain?!?!

    In this case it was female, Eurpean name, but not strange and similar to an English name, which is the one the elder chose to use. I'd say the name, but it would be too identifying. This relative was very well liked and it was standing room only so most people were aware of the error and unbelieving relatives there too. Very little was said about her life, but definitely played up the sales pitch......didn't work on the unbelievers, they were not impressed with it, LOL.

  • SouthCentral

    At my mother’s funeral, I asked the speaker to talk about my mom and NOT use the outline. He deviated from the outline and said,”......loved to go in field service”

    so disapointed!!!

  • SouthCentral

    JW funerals are the absolute worst!!!!!

  • Tantalon

    Slightly off topic.

    Not about JW funerals, but JWs at a "worldly " funeral; I have posted about this before but it still sticks in my throat.

    At aunt's funeral, a secular service and very beautifully done, my parents who are aged staunch JWs refused to sit at the place reserved for them at the front with surviving family, showed no emotion what so ever and the best thing my Dad could say to me afterwards was " of course it was the blood (transfusion) that killed her". Aunty was an elderly women who had complications from heart surgery for f*** sake!

    What is wrong with these people?

    Oh yeah it's a cult.

    I dread having to go to my folks funerals, maybe I wont.

  • SouthCentral

    I’m about 50 years old… Now, all of my friend’s parents are dying. This means, I will be going to a lot of JW funerals in the next few years. The first one is tomorrow. Very excited to see old friends… Yet very apprehensive as well. I really don’t want to hear the BS talk though!

    Can’t wait to hear… What hole do you go to now? LOL

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