I HATE JW funerals

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  • jws

    Thanks Phizzy, that's exactly what I heard last night. In about that exact order. Birth death, then baptism record. Then things he did like helped building the hall, etc.

    It was like a canned speech. One I've heard dozens of times before and I get more disgusted with the further I get away from this cult.

    I mean, a 10 minute interview with the deceased family to gather dates and bam! You've got a fill-in-the blanks funeral talk.

    And the facts are nothing. It's like if you did a search and found public records of a distant ancestor. You see when they were born, died, got married. Maybe what they did. But you get NO sense of what that ancestor was like. What were their passions? What type of person were they? And that's the type of talk they gave last night. Just facts and dates that barely scratch the surface of a life lived.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    TBH, unless it's a funeral for a grandparent who lived to at least 95, brought up beautiful children and accomplished most career goals ... I f**kin hate funerals!!!

    My own mother died at 51 years of age and I hated her funeral. I didn't cry at it and it was a serious pain in the ass.

    My dear mum had a brain-stem stroke aged 44 and 7 years later, I didn't have any tears left in me to cry.

    I was a seriously fucked up 18 year old.

    Farewell, mom. I miss you.

  • Finkelstein

    In a real way the WTS exploits people's deaths as a vehicle of exploitation in that they are going to show you can escape death and live in paradise.

    Care to join are organization ?

    We are also god's exclusive organization here on earth so you can trust us wholeheartedly .

    How about joining today, God's judgment day is soon so you better take advantage of this offer now.

  • Gorbatchov

    They are f***ing crazy, sorry this subject makes me so angry.

    It's Gorby's red button.

    When my grandmother passed away, the elder did not a condealance but asked for my fieldservice report (just ended my fieldservice for the organization a month earlier).

    What a sect it is...


  • steve2

    Do not invite the audience to make

    expressions about the deceased, as this could introduce inappropriate or unscriptural elements into the


    God forbid anyone in the audience bring a human element to the service. Besides, when the outline instructs not to invite the audience to make expressions, the main concern is not "unscriptural" elements but that anyone says anything whatsoever that does not align with JW dogma.

  • sparrowdown

    The real clue lies in the fact that the JW "funeral" is referred to as a "program."

  • Finkelstein

    the main concern is not "unscriptural" elements but that anyone says anything whatsoever that does not align with JW dogma.

    Good point Steve2

    I wonder why they call this a mind controlling cult ?

  • Chook

    The individual gets no credit in life and in death less. Despicable CULT.

  • sparky1

    JEHOVAH'S WITNESS FUNERAL PROGRAM: Just another recruiting session!

  • blownaway

    I sat through my mothers funeral knowing she said just before she died that when her dad my grandfather was gone she was leaving the cult. The cult members thought she was still a believing JW. She was not. It was nothing but a cult recruitment fest. I would not be surprised to see them handing out watchtowers at the exit.

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