2003 District Convention Releases

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  • Gadget

    Has anyone here heard from someone who's been to one of the assemblys? A month or so ago the wtr study was really laying it down heavy about accepting new light and not being stumbled about it. The general consensus at my hall was that there must be something big coming out at the assembly. Anyone know if anything did come out in any of the talks?

  • expatbrit
    Anyone know if anything did come out in any of the talks?

    Yes. Calling Theodore Jaracz "Skeletor" is now a sin against the holy spirit.


  • MoeJoJoJo

    You guys are such a hoot! LMAO

    I'm sure the in-laws will be mailing the new one: "Learn from the Great Teacher" to my kids. Another one to add to the old burn pile.

  • xjw_b12

    WHAT ? No more releases just for the Elders, and or MSs.

    Anyone remember that one convention, where you weren't entitled to the release unless you were an elder or an MS ?

  • blondie

    Which one was that xjw_b12? Was it just for one publication or for all?

    I can remember when the Insight Books were only offered first to people baptized for 25 years or more. The used the blood cards to verify date of baptism and discovered that many hadn't filled them out or they were incomplete.


  • gitasatsangha

    The "Proclaimers" book was not for everyone when it came out. In fact that book (and its caste-system release) was one of my first real signs that things weren't quite as they seemed.

  • Hamas

    Rumour has it a new video will be released.

  • Francois

    Can we still call Jaracz "Ol' Needle Nose" and why doesn't the grim son of a bitch have any sense of humor? Don't he know that you don't make up nicknames except for people you LIKE? (laughing up sleeve)

    There was rumored to be a pamphlet authored by Da Judge and titled "I Will Survive This Cancer of the Rectum" but of course it was never released because the cancer wrecked 'um.

    (Look, I've been working on finding a pun in Da Judge's manner of death for over a year now, and that's the best I've got. If you can do better, lets hear it. I'm tired of trying to pun on the Judges ass hole.)

  • logansrun

    I've said this before, but aren't the titles of the publications getting weirder and weirder these days? "Listen to the Great Teacher", "Draw Close to Jehovah", "Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy!"...who else names books like this?


  • Oroborus21

    one talk is on Amos so I think that this will be the latest release similar to the Daniel and Isaiah books.


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